I couldn’t help myself from sweating from the eyes *_*…

“I am sorry Okay? I have asked God for forgiveness, I know he has forgiven me but I need yours baby. I need you to tell me you have forgiven me and I want to share your pains, I might not know what you went through but please?”

Ok! Whatever the person on the phone told her earlier that day, it was working. I walked away from her and found myself on the couch, what else was I going to say that she didn’t know?

Oh, I should probably tell her that I was drugged, that I being expelled from Covenant University was not intentional, that the food I ate had narcotics and I took the fall? Or wait, how about I tell her that every night I remember Lydia? And Kate?

 “Not now!…” I said to myself, I could feel my muscles tighten, I knew that feeling, it is an unwanted one. I wanted to shout: “DIE KATE!” but then again, how was I even sure that she was not dead already? Wait, that’s true. What of Kate? And Lydia?

“When last did you hear from Kate?” I asked Mum.

She walked towards me, knelt at my feet and nodded her head and then fixed her gaze on mine, I could see it in her eyes, Kate was no more. “Kate died two years ago during child birth,” she said.

I closed my eyes, trying to stop the tears but damn they didn’t. Yes she made my childhood a nightmare but she didn’t deserve to die like that. I was no different from her.

I wanted to ask Mum about Lydia, I have always wanted to apologize to Lydia. I didn’t want Kate’s fate, I wanted to somewhat tell Lydia sorry for the things I made her go through. I wanted to tell her that I was sorry that my parents used their influence to hide her cry from the world, I wanted to tell her sorry for raping her… sorry for the abuse. I had always given an excuse as to why I did what I did, that it was Kate that took my innocence but these nights… Lydia’s moans for help still hunts. And she was just 10.

“Whenever you are ready Bala… We will go together. She is now in the University.” It was like she could read my thoughts, she knew I hated her for always acting like I was not a monster hiding inside a weak body.

Our little family reunion lasted for about an hour and I slept off in my Mum’s arms, I was not the only one that was talking, she told me so many things that day and she told me that day was the best day of her life. Then she started asking me to promise never to give up surviving, she must have  said “I Love You” a million time and hell she pecked me.

She had to book another flight as she had an important board meeting to attend, but that was after I pleaded that she attends.

“You got two big tanks to fill up every single day old Lady, oya come dey go Lag” I said to her. If someone had walked in on us, he/she would think we were Lovers; she hugged me for like forever and kissed my hands for accepting her gift. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take her to the Airport because some doctors think Long distance driving was bad for me… mtchewwwww!

I had to go find a cab. And before I forget, she got me a super cute Hausa man for a Gateman and his name was Umoru. Well, he was pretty jobless so I gave him money to open a shoemaker shop just outside the compound, you could say free polished shoes every morning…

I spoke with Lami later in the day and she was freaked about the fact that I had a brand new car. I didn’t see any big deal in it, I just didn’t see myself driving to school. She came to my house that evening and spent the night, how her Dad knew she wasn’t at homed baffled me; she ended up lying that she went for night class.

Talking about night class, most people do not really have any idea what it is. The first day I went for night class, I had more mosquitoes bite in 6hours than the 18years of my life. I couldn’t read and I prayed for day break. To some people, night class is the messiah but I was the kind of student that hardly read, and when I do read, I make sure I am somewhere close to my bed; and drugs.

Lami had driver’s license – even if I thought only 18+ are liable to have it. She begged to teach me how to drive but I told her I knew how to drive – which was partially true.

She succeeded in blackmailing me emotionally to allow her drive me to school but on the condition that she would say the car belonged to her Dad. You know, I stood at the gate looking at the car and the only thing I could think of was Miriam. Like even my dreamed car brand didn’t freak me like she did. One thing that amazes me about Mercedes is the way they turn heads wherever they go, permit me to say that Miriam would turn more heads than my car.


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