1.) It is boring
Who said it has to be otherwise in the first place, motivations ain’t rock stars, it is supposed to bore you out of a retarded phase of life, motivations are in another word truths, truths with wheels meant to drive you towards sound ambitions, and you know well truth is bitter. But it’s better you keep consuming, just like that drug you didn’t really like taking when you were a kid but always cured the illness.

2.) It gets over-flogged.
You hear a number of people say a lot of stuff as regards motivational messages , speeches and more alike that it gets pretty irrelevantly over-flogged and that’s funny as the claim most of the times is that they’ve attended a lot of seminars and still no changes as regards their state of life. Well simply put, no long talk needed on this. Can you ever over do bathing? That’s same thing with motivation, it needs to be consumed daily even when you are fasting for effective influence on one. Daily douching is necessary.

3.) It’s in-effective
Well, many would say motivational pieces aren’t really it, some would claim they’ve taken overdose but still seeing no changes in their life.

Does a car need fuel to run? Yes? Good. Albeit. Would a car with a full tank run without the ignition key used? huh? Now you get the point. Don’t be an over-motivated under-achiever, TAKE ACTIONS.

4.) Money Is Motivating

Yes, money can be a whole hell of motivation as regards anything, BUT, not the real deal kind of motivation that sustains, lasts, suffice, satisfy. But rather I’d say simply put: living your passion. Money becomes terribly insignificant and distasteful when the soul, one feels unfulfilled… there’s a whole lot on this that can make a topic, a lengthy one on its own. Still don’t get it yet and you want to know, get clarity on the topic HERE

5.) Motivation is for the weak.
Many feel that motivation is meant for those that are weak, giving up or something similar, NO! That’s so out. Like the analogy earlier used, is bathing ideal only to a set of people? No.

Motivation is for the weak to find strength, and also for the strong not relent. It is something for every folk even with different strokes.

And that’s it people. Hope you enjoyed it. Do share.

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