I have explained to ladies what they need to know about guys and I thought it will be unfair if I don’t do the same for guys. I’m not a lady but I have many female friends who trust me, so I asked them a few questions and they told me what I needed to know.

So guys relax while I take you into the world of a lady and tell you things you should know about them that will help your relationship. Ladies please don’t be offended; I just want my fellow guys to be happy and teach them how to treat you right.

Guys leave whatever you are doing and let your focus be here;


A girl walks into the room with a new hair style, don’t just stand and look. Say something nice about the hair. It won’t kill you if you say,
“Baby, you look more beautiful in your new hair style”.
Girls love it, they love to be complimented. If she cooks for you, say something nice about the food except she is a terrible cook.
Tell her how wonderful she looks in those heels or dress. If you compliment her more often, she will want to pleased you more and the relationship will last longer.


The main functions of a man are to Profess, Provide and Protect his woman. Ladies are like babies, they need your protection. I’m not talking about standing in front of a bullet for her even though some guys will do that but not me.
As for me, if God says you will die from a gun bullet, who am I to change that?
Be the guy she wants you to be. If someone is insulting her in public, don’t just stand there, defend her. Let her feel safe anytime she is with you.


Girls love to talk. It’s in their DNA, they just love it. Anytime she is with you, try to listen to whatever she is saying. She trusts you and that is why she is telling you.

Don’t just listen; try to remember all or almost all she tells you. Girls feel offended if you forget the things she tells you.
They need you to know things about them. So while she is talking, ask questions to keep the conversation going. If she tells you a about a problem she’s facing, don’t just nod your head like an Agama Lizard, suggest solutions to her problems. I know you are not a genius and even if you have no idea of what she is talking about, please say something to her. It may not totally solve the problem, but it will make her feel relaxed knowing that you care.


As it is said, ‘A happy wife is a happy home’. Know what makes her happy and do it without her asking. She will really appreciate it. While having a conversation with her, say something funny to make her smile or laugh a little. Don’t let the conversation be like a history class in the University.
Learn to always put a smile on her face. Buy something for her no matter how little it is. Show her that you care for her and she will never leave you.


Yes, girls hate it when you play with their heart. If a girl loves you, she will be loyal to you and wants to be with you. Don’t use her love against her. Love her back and stay away from her if you don’t love her.
If you know that you are not ready for a serious relationship with a lady, please mind your business and leave her alone. She is not begging to be with you. Why make her fall in love with you when you know that you don’t want to date her. All you want is just to have sex with her and walk away. It is not fair on the lady’s part.
Be sincere with yourself and with her from the very beginning. If its sex you want, tell her from the start. Don’t start something you know you will not finish. When you break a lady’s heart, her attitude towards other single guys like me will change. She will think all guys are the same. Please don’t play with her heart.


Why do most guys ‘form’ when they are around ladies?
Be yourself. Be free with her. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, because it doesn’t make sense. Let her fall in love with the real you. Be truthful anytime you are with her.

Don’t try to be the son of Dangote when you are the son of Baba Ajayi. She won’t trust you any more when she finds out who you really her. Trust me it’s not a nice scenario.
Most girls fall in love with the real you than the fake you, so why taking the risk. Come as you are to her. If she accepts you, fine but if she doesn’t, just walk away. There is a girl somewhere who will love the real and crazy you.

7) S.E.X

Guys, I know you love sex. It is like food to you. But the way you view sex is quite different from the way a lady view sex.
For you guys, having sex is an urge. A hormone caused that urge and when you have that urge, you just want to have sex no matter what. Some guys can control that urge but others cannot, that is why they go into pornography. But that is not where I’m heading to.

To ladies, sex is emotional. It leaves a mark on them. That is why a lady will never forget her first sex. When you have sex with a lady, she loves you more. Remember she is at the receiving end, so it means a lot to her. Whereas for you guys, you can have sex with a lady and the next day you will pretend as if nothing happened. But for a lady, when she has sex with you, she becomes committed to you. It’s like you two become one.

My advice to you as a guy is for you not to have sex with a lady you know means nothing to you. Don’t make her commit to something that isn’t real, don’t destroy her.

In fact don’t have sex with her until you are married to her. Hold yourself till marriage.


I want to appreciate all my female friends for telling me what I needed to know about girls, revealing these secrets wasn’t easy for them. Special thanks to P. E. Courtney, Dr. Yakubu A. Safiyah, Engr. Omugbe U. Victoria and Engr. Eledan Grace.


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  • Diana
    Posted January 4, 2018 at 9:41 am 0Likes

    I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really nice work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts.

  • Garri Production
    Posted January 6, 2018 at 8:06 am 0Likes

    The sex part….no worry I get question for you when you resume…..🤔

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