NOTE: the following has not been written to potrud insolence in anyway whatsoever towards any religion. Thank you for your understanding.

The following is a true life story, written by Cirphrank in accordance to it’s prior narration.


There was this man, a MUSLIM SCHOLAR, a serious personality in the Islamic faith, to further foster his steadfastness in the faith, his family saw to it that he married a lady who was also a Muslim scholar.

The marriage was going smooth, life was good, each had a job. The lady happened to be working in a firm where most of the employees were Christians, and that’s how it all began. On daily basis she was being preached to, tracts came in relentlessly, not to indulge in any form of ado, bottom line: she followed them to church one day and she was touched by the Holy Spirit, the loved everything about the church, all that she felt, so she converted. She became a Christian.

Upon discovering about his wife’s conversion, the husband was furious, no way he was going to support nor condone such ‘grave’ act, the house wasn’t so peaceful anymore nor was the marriage. After a lot of threats and persuasions from the husband and wife respectively, the husband was like : ‘what’s it with this church?, know what? I’ll follow you this Sunday.’ This man was actually a dire drunk.

When they got to church that Sunday, it so happened that the pastor was preaching about ‘ALCOHOL’ he (the Pastor) deliberated so much on the negativities and the consequentially no benefit that being a drunk offered. When the couple got home, the husband was in a rage, he threatened ghosts and demons if his wife ever went to church again, claiming the sermon was delivered solely to jeer at him and that his wife had planned it with the Pastor. That actually was not the case. The woman offered not even the faintest of resistance, gently she obliged.

And so she did one thing. She prayed to God one the issue, she sought from him a way out.

A short while after the church van occurrence. One day after the husband had left for work, she happened to be home that day (probably she had planned that she stay home), she went to a nearby mart and purchased a crate of beer, the brand she knew her husband cherished.

Upon his (her husband) arrival from work, she saw to his shower and served him a sumptuous delicacy and she asked : ‘would you like beer with that?’, startled by the question coming from his wife, the husband’s eyes widened in marvel, slowly he answered : ‘y e s’ and off the wife went towards the fridge where she had stored the bottles of beer, she brought him one, when he was almost done with the first bottle, she appeared with another bottle asking if he would like more? This got him perplexed, shocked, thinking: ‘what’s this about? What’s has come over this woman? Is this a scheme to kill me?…’, as he carefully collected the bottle, he craved her indulgence with questions, what’s this? whose behind these…? She answered: it’s God, it is the church attitude I’ve been telling you of, she didn’t really speak much before the husband said : ‘if this is Church, I sure am following you this Sunday. And so he eventually became a Christian, a strong Christian.

The woman however revealed that she had earlier prayed on the drinks before offering him them, that God should touch his heart before he finished a bottle.


I can actually go on and on deliberating on many insightful realities / facts that this happening reveals but I don’t intend to make this long lest you get bored. So I’ll simply write;

-Never sideline prayer, it’s a privilege to talk with God, it’s usefulness can’t be overrated.

-Spirituality doesn’t mean you nullify rationality.

The happening was used to answer a woman who asked she should do when her husband asks her to do something not in line with God’s love. Never fight, be obedient, but in Christ.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted September 9, 2016 at 5:59 pm 0Likes

    It's a nice story

  • Cirphrank iWrite
    Posted September 10, 2016 at 3:18 am 0Likes

    Thanks, it's nice to know you read, nicer that you commented, please do share. 👍

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