Hey there, hope your day was fine. Tonight it’s a talk about our lifestyle, so I’m going to ask a quick one, is your lifestyle healthy? Yes or No? Hmm, if your answer is no, keep reading, if yes: what’s a healthy lifestyle? Answer it in your head and read on.

I’m currently giggling: gotcha! Because I know a number of you must have answered it wrong, wrong at least in the perspective with which I write this article. Let me guess what you defined it as; eating right, working out and keeping shape… Well, dear pal, a healthy lifestyle is more than Gym and foods… In fact, among the 6 I’d be giving brief highlight, working out isn’t even among!

Simply put;

A healthy lifestyle is living right, not to others measure or standards but to your own total benefit.


So how do we go about the ideal healthy lifestyle? Well, let’s get at it.

1. Eat Right

Your body ain’t trash, quit Junk Eating. Remember that saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his belly” ? Well the saying is totally right! And actually is same for both genders not men only, the easiest way to die is to eat something wrong, e.g ‘otapiapia’ lol just kidding, but here’s the thing, you take something wrong and eventually your heart will untimely stop beating. You are having weight problem and you still indulge in taking foods with high fats and oils content, ‘oga na you o, no village people involved biko’ what you trying to do, win Guinness World Record for the body with the highest volume of accumulated calories? Watch what you eat!

Yes I know taking junk can be pleasuring at times but know what’s sweet could kill, if you finding it hard to stop at once, then make it happen in a gradual process, if it’s smoking of cigarettes and co. trust me that it’s literally your internal organs getting burnt that’s producing the smokes you blow from burning every stick
You might want to get at this by giving it a start with fruits, yes fruits! They do a whole lot of good than most people know. And you can Google more guides on the style of diet that best suit your body. Smart eating = Happy life.
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2. Guard your reputation

You current action determines where you will be even as at the next second, simply put if you cross a road you will be at the other side.

And if you spend 20years always crossing a particular road every morning, believe that someone has also spent the last 20years watching you do that every morning! Creepy? But true. And you have successfully built a strong reputation of yourself in the person’s mind, maybe as a top notch road crosser, lol.

See the thing is not for you to act in a way that would please all but in a way that will be of benefit to you. Be wary of the kind of reputation you are building, building a house can take years but it will take just a day to destroy it, the reverse is actually the case with reputation, once you’ve successfully built your reputation in the eyes of just a few you’ve done the magic, they will eventually pass it on to many, it will take a magic to undo the magic!

Question is: what are you known for? Are you synonymous with lies? Or you are known as the ideal gentleman? Whatever it is, you need to be careful it’s not something bad to the view of a normal person, awry reputation can cost you a fortune! It can even cost it’s victim his or her life.

In 48laws of power, an example used in the book made known of a Chinese General that once lived, he was reputed for being a cunning war tactician, he always had something up his sleeve, and right when you think you’re winning he’d push in some acts and you loose. Well as fate would have it one day, he was cut off from his large army temporarily on a March and was with just 100soldiers, a sworn enemy of his got to know of this and matched out to his path with a 100,000soldiers, in other words each of his soldiers were handicapped by a ratio of 1:1000. When he got the news from his scout team that a 100,000men army led by the notorious enemy who was a General was coming for them he gave a little thought and then told his soldiers who had started panicking to calm down, he told them to hid behind the mountains and he dressed himself up in a Taoist’s attire. When the large army arrived, they saw no one, not a single soldier except the cunning General on a mountain in all white playing the flute!

The startled army after some few moments of gazing at him got scared, he surely is up to something again there General said and he ordered a quick retreat! A 100,000men army fled from a 100men army without a single arrow being shot at them.

What did the trick? His REPUTATION!
He was known for always winning not by just sword skill but tricky manoeuvres, no way they wanted to risk seeing if he would live up to his reputation!

If you are reputed for theft it will be hard before any will give you charge over anything, bad reputation can cost you opportunities, you could lose contracts not because you are not up to the task but because the person/organization awarding it found that you have a reputation of being nonchalant towards responsibilities, you might have changed but no one wants to hear your words when your reputation speaks.
Guard your reputation with your LIFE!
It could turn out to be your ticket to escape strife, every one must be reputated for something, whichever you are getting reputed for, make sure it’s good. Good reputation aids in giving you a healthy lifestyle.

3. Be Positive

I once read that the worse thing that could happen to a man is going into a war with no hope of winning. That is totally true. Be Positive!

That endeavor won’t work out if you have doubts of making it, you lost the game already if you playing with fear of failure residential on your mind. BE POSITIVE !

If your attitude is not POSITIVE towards your acts, admit it or not, you are the one brewing negativity in your life, no room for negativity should be one of your mottos, never place your focus on the problem, your gaze should be on the solution.

No much talk is needed on this, just know you kicked it to rubbles already if you’re brewing negative feelings even before you built it. But with positivity, you had the wine already even before pulling off the cork.

4. Wear It Right

Sagged crazy jean trousers, armless v-neck top, Pam sandals, with a big fake bling chain on your neck, to an interview. What are you thinking!!!? It’s an interview not an ‘in-tout-view’

Dress the way you want to be addressed!

Even if you are a nerd that doesn’t licence you to look ridiculous, never, you don’t have to have Bill Gates ATM card to rock it right, take those simple cloths you have and rock them smart. Ladies heavy make up doesn’t increase beauty, rather smart application of the right embellishments does.

Know what to wear to where. Don’t dress up like you on the stage contesting for MBGN or Mr. Nigeria when you are actually off to lectures, you shouldn’t be looking like you are up for a party when it’s Bible study! and so on. Different occasions, different style.

Dressing right, smart, alive, and okay is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t know of any for we guys in Nigeria right now but ladies check out Erica Diana’s blog she gives fashion tips weekly and features make up artist.

Guys up your appearance game, stop looking like you escaped the trash and she might just say yes😉

5. The company

They say bad company corrupts good manners. Well reader, bad manners ruins a life.

Be careful of the company you keep, from time to time you should sit yourself down and ask yourself;

•Are my current set of friends motivating or draining?
•Are they of like mind with me?
•Are we taking right decisions together?
•Do we have same or similar goals?
•Do they have an ambition they are actively pursuing or they’re busy running after skirts or chilling with ‘aristos’
•Are they of positive vibes or filled with negativity?
… ask yourself a lot of sane questions, answer them without letting emotions cloud your analysis, no need saying much on this, collate the resulting answers from your self questioning and tell yourself the truth, don’t plunge your future in jeopardy, take a decision, not all must be in your ride of life else you might crash.

6. Your mind

I’m not a Christ Embassy member but I have got to hand it to him, Pastor Chris. O. did justice to analysing the importance of the human mind.
The power of your mind.

Now note the following;
•You can only afford as much as you can see with your mind.
•Your actions are manufactured in your mind.
•If you will fail or succeed, it all begins you yielding to one in your mind.
•Your mind is you!

Just like your reputation, guard your mind with your life, no one can take you down if they can’t manipulate your mind, and none can manipulate your mind if you wield it right!

Filter what you listen to, mind what thoughts you ruminate on, take time to train your mind in aiding your positive personality, proclaim good always with your mind and you will find it easier to do so with your mouth. Try getting the book on it by Pastor Chris to further understand the concept of the owning your mind and it’s usefulness, if you can’t, not to worry, just Google mind related articles.

And there you have it friend, not deliberating to much on each but you can research more on them. These are the basics necessities for a healthy lifestyle.

Image credit: Google search engine.
Written by Cirphrank. ©Cirphrank | 2016.

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  • Cirphrank iWrite
    Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm 0Likes

    Thank you Ms. Diane
    Your comment is motivating.

  • Ericadianas
    Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm 0Likes

    Wow….this is truly innovative. So many truth about the right lifestyle

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