Smith was just nine when his dad died, few months after, mom came home around nine in the morning, it was unusual, he eventually found out mum had lost her job to sheer cruelty. Life was hard, now itstepped up on same path, that Smith was the only child didn’t make it anything less than a herculean task for mum to give her child and herself a good life, hubby had died before writing a will, his family had confisticated all valuables and now they had to be living in a rent after being “persuaded” out of her matrimonial home the “easy” way, landlord wasn’t grinning, just like a job for mom money wasn’t coming, he always wore this countenance that could help someone survive walking through Sambisa.

Smith, the mother’ obim, she couldn’t afford seeing her child deprived of his deserved basics, they had moved to a crib in a creek after being evicted by landlord who said he wasn’t running charity.

Mum being from a prominent swimming clan, she took to fishing, selling smoked fish to nuture and sponsor Smith through secondary school, a public one. Smart Smith was some sort of encouragement, a hope for a better future, never did a term pass by without him winning a competition, education-wise, but as ill-fate would have it, non really yielded cheese. They strived together, hoping for the day the Lord God our saviour will turn their life around for at
least good, though they’d love BEST, as good christians they were. Smith would help mum after school hawk smoked fish in the nearby park. One day he saw Scott running towards him screaming “Smith e eh!” “Smith e eh!” , “Jesus!” “come o, your mum has collapsed o!” “what the heck?” he yelled, not really asking, he dashed towards home like hermes but making sure his tray of smoked fish he had on wasn’t drifting into crash. He got home to find no one, she had been rushed to the hospital by the neighbours he was informed, he rushed to the hospital without ado the S.S.S 1 student was told his mum is suffering from quite a number of
chronic river-caused diseases which had
been silently eating her up only to surface drastically suddenlly, he was told before they would commence anything, they require a N25,000 deposit, he shrieked in horror! tried explaining things to the doctor in charge who gave him no listening, told Smith there had to be someone he can meet, he should go get the money fast instead of wasting time and jeopardising mum’ life.

He ran to and fro, but got no yield, all give him a negative response, so he ran back to the hospital with the intention of talking to the doctor once again and seeing if he could reason the issuse him and as he bagan, the man told him not to bother, “boy, it’s too late, she’s dead” he looked at the man silently for some seconds after his words came, with his mouth shut, the 14year old smiled, turned around, walked out of the hospital
and as he got out walked home laughing, that evening he was already selling in the park. He was yet to be 18, but a man he was aready.

No burial took hold, he left mum with the hospital as no relative showed up, and he couldn’t afford a burial.

Orphaned by the unkwown, he strived to fend for himself, business was quite “good” yielded enough to pay school fees late, and a few bills, the crib luckily didn’t come with electricity and many other things.

I made it! He said to himself upon seeing his SSCE result, whooping A-parallel, that turned out to be the best result in the nation that year and he got a handful of scholarships.

He got more when he got into the varsity as
he kept achieving splufik academic feat. He graduated with a crystal clear 5.0 as a chemical engineer, job offers were beckoning on him already but he wasn’t going to try ditch NYSC service, he did his service diligently, steadfast in the Lord, always christianly.

And then it happened, the day was a mother of meriment! , and as he was being handed his certificate, the trumpet sounded and rapture took place…

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    Hmmm….just indeed

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    Miss. Diane and Elle, your comments are silent, they don't seem decisive, thumbs up or down?

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