Woke up late today…

“Damn another day in this goddamn house” I grumbled in my thoughts as I drag myself with my sleepy eyes to the bathroom..

“Men, I suppose barb this my hair yesterday ooo, base on today na new year oo”…I murmured to myself as I shrivelled my hair standing in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s been 2weeks now I’ve been in my fathers house, yes my fathers house.

We never really get along, that man and me. He’s just too proud and annoying… imagine him coming back from Wales with the intention of spending the holiday with the family only for him to pack out the house for a little quarrel he had with my step mom.

“Kelvin!!” He shouted my name that morning

“Sir” I answered

“I am leaving” he said

“Okay” I said -with the thought that he was just going out and coming back to the house

“Come and help me pack these clothes inside this bag”

Now it was clear to me that he’s leaving was not just going out but actually …..leaving!

After some minutes ,I was through packing the clothes in the travel bag

“Dad I’m through” I said

“Ehen ,go stop keke for me outside the gate,tell am say how much from here to udu road”

“Okay sir”

And that was how he left, leaving me in this God forsaken boring house and he knew he was the reason why I came to this house.

“Anyhow sha,today na new year so I gat like 4 days to stay here though” I thought to myself

“Are you okay??” She said- The girl in charge of taking care of my step brothers and my step siblings ‘cos they are still young

“uh..what?” – I was shocked ,being drawn out of my deep thoughts

“Are you okay? you’ve been standing next to the basin sink and mirror for like 6 minutes now”

“Yeah…I am good, I just dey reason some matters” I said walking out the bathroom to her.

She was on her white night gown, with an hair net covering her new hair she made the previous day, she has this dark skin that’s just so clean,she was scratching her hair and yawning at same time. She looked dizzy and tired, probably because of the long restless previous day.

“well excuse me, I want to use the bathroom” – she said

As she walked pass me, I couldn’t help my eyes from capturing her ass

“kai this girl shaaa” I thought

“What are you looking at” she said turning inside the bathroom and smiling at me.

I smiled back.

In a guys word I’ll say “this girl dey gimme green light” . I noticed it from the first day I came to the house. She looks at me ,you know every every now *winks*

God come make am bad ,na the same room we dey sleep.

When she want to change, if I’m in the room ,she won’t tell me to leave, she’ll just pull the towel and use it as shield facing the opposite side to change while smiling and looking at me to see if am watching.

I know some of y’all might be thinking “Men na wa oo, why this guy dey dull himself na ” but my uncle don warn me bout this warri girls say they hungry o..say na belle things them dey find take tie guys down for unwanted marriage.
I dunno if that’s true but I’ll leave y’all to judge

After leaving the bathroom, I returned to the room to check some notifications on my phone.

I was about replying some whatsapp messages of yesterday (or rather early this morning) of new year wishes and stuff, then my phone ranged

“fuck!!…this girl don dey call again, I nor just understand wetin she want” I said talking to myself

“which girl?” Ijeoma said (oh I forgot to mention,thats her name, the girl in the house)

“naaah no worries….na one girl like that” I said after recovering from the shock of not knowing she heard when I said that

“hmm..okay oo” -she smiled looking at me

“Where mum” I asked her

“she nor come back that yesterday oo, you suppose know say she don go club go flex na,” – she said while folding the cloth she used to sleep

“Na new year ‘washiing’ night na” she followed

“Eheeen …okay”- I said

There was silence in the room. After some minutes, I couldn’t handle it..,so I took my earphone and started hearing the 2014 forest drive by j Cole…….when I heard LOVE YOURZ….damn I couldn’t help but shout. being the only one in the room I wasn’t embarrassed… to y’all music lovers, you should hear that song.

Anyway time passed and passed with some boring shit that could make a nigga commit suicide….up till around 4pm, when the stupid NEPA restored power.

“let me charge my phone before them take their light” I said getting up from the bed

Before getting to the charger, they took the light.

“Mtcheeeeeeew Oloshi” – I hissed

Then I decided to go back to hearing some music. I noticed the children were all asleep, apparently I also thought Ijeoma was asleep too, I couldn’t find her anywhere. I checked the kitchen, sitting room, mostly everywhere I thought she could be.

“Maybe she go somewhere sha” – I concluded

So I jumped back on the bed to continue listening to music, then I heard a sound at the bathroom. I went there to confirm if she was the one there, I was about knocking when I heard another sound like a moan. So I stood there hoping to confirm my investigation. For about 30seconds of waiting I decided to give her her space, probably I was over-emphasizing. I was about turning to my room when I heard a strong moan, this time louder almost as if she wanted to fall or something. I surprisingly almost burst into laughter. I left the bathroom door and went back to the room giggling and smiling.
After a little while she came back to the room.

“ah!…you’re awake?” she asked

“yeah….I just dey wake so” I answered faking a yawn

There was silence in the room. She was still standing at the entrance of the door with curiosity written all over her face, probably thinking if I heard her while she was doing the do in the bathroom. I laid on the bed, hiding my smile while looking at her pretending I was chatting on my phone.

“Emm….you wan eat now?” she asked scratching her hair

“Wetin dey?” I asked her back

“I cook rice with the turkey and the egusi soup still dey” she answered

“Abeg make EBA for me make I eat the egusi soup”

“But today na new year na, you no go eat rice?”

“I eat rice for morning abeg”


The day faded slowly and slowly. It was a boring day though, but ijeoma made my day though, hopefully I’ll survive this temptation.

But I doubt that… I doubt that…

Kel’s. Kelvin freeborn, is from the department of religions, 400 level student in the university of Benin….

Edited by: Cirphrank

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  • Ikhazuagbe Emmanuel
    Posted November 12, 2016 at 10:28 am 0Likes

    Damn… Real… Detailed… U feel the self in the story.. Nice work

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