“ooohhh…..where this chick now” – I said in my mind while standing at the entrance of Oasis hotel in estate junction while dialing her number.

“Make I just enter inside wait for her though”- I thought to myself at the same time approaching the door.

When I entered the hotel, the first thing I felt was the coolness of the Air conditioner caressing my face. The breeze was fighting vigorously to dry every sweat on my face. For a moment I was relaxed. It took my mind off that stupid girl I was waiting for.

After receiving my utmost satisfaction, I finally started observing my environment.

It was a large reception with a weird looking rereceptiont. He was black tall wearing a weak suit (probably faded). As I approached him he looked up and stopped what he was writing.

“Welcome to the Oasis Hotels and suits, how may I help you?” – He smiled. He looked tired and frustrated probably for sitting down at one spot for hours being forced to smile at every person who comes in and go out.

“kai…I nor fit do office work oo” – I thought to myself looking at him

“Sir?” – he said bringing me back to reality

“uhh….yes!!….where’s your bar?” – I asked

“Oh…go straight, the door by your left sir”- he said


“your welcome” – He said with his fake smile

I entered the bar. It was a really small bar full of men all focused on the TV. I searched for an empty chair looking and colliding with huge men who stood watching what’s on the TV. I finally found an empty table with a chair and sat down.
Showing on the TV was an FA cup competition with Swansea and one other club like that. I don’t know about y’all guys but I don’t really like FA cup, matter of fact I don’t follow it up until its the final.

It was about 5:30pm

“Shey this girl dey play me abi wetin?” – I complained while dailing her number

The phone rang and rang. She didn’t pick. Getting angrier I took the Heineken beer already opened and drank a little. it was the second bottle.

After waiting a little time, I eventually concluded to go home. I paid the bartender as I head for the exit of the bar. I opened the door and I stepped into the AC reception and also head for exit of the hotel. As I pass the reception guy, I smiled at him but it seems his mood has changed because this time he was frowning like somebody offended him.

I took a keke heading to my street junction .While in the keke, my phone rang, it was her.

“I really really sorry, are you there now? am really sorry but I can’t make it again” – she said

“What?” – I shouted

“My boyfriend called me to come to his place, am heading there now….emm….sorry” she said and ended the call

“Chisos!!….WTF??!!” – I shouted

“ehh….oga wetin happen?” – the keke driver asked

“no worry”

I finally got home about 7:45pm. When I got home I ate took my bath and that was how the day sadly ended.


It was 6:30am when my phone rang.

“Who be this one for this kind early morning?” – I said grumbling as I look at the caller id on my phone.

“Heyyy Egbon…..Ba wo ni?” – I hailed

“Oboy, how far now? I no hear from you yesterday now, wetin happen?” – He said. It was Godswill, a coursemate who lived in warri. We actually had plans on meeting the day before but I had plans on meeting up with that chick on that same day

“Bro abeg no vex that yesterday ehn, one shii came up, I gat clarify the shii buh time no con dey, no vex abeg” – I pleaded

“No wahala sha…..how far that track I send u for bbm, you don listen am?”- He asked

“Eheeen… no oo, as soon as you finish I go hear am give u feed back” – I said

We later talked on some irrelevant issues. While we were talking, I was having an incoming call. It was the girl I met with yesterday.

“Bro abeg cut, I get one kind call coming in” – I said

“Idiot… I know say na girl ooo!!” -He shouted

“Why you con dey shout?”

He ended the call and I picked hers. Her name is Princess. She added me on bbm about 2 months ago. It was actually a wrong pin where she “mistook” a digit and “accidentally” added me. (that na wetin she tell me sha).

“This one wey this girl dey call me this morning hope she no one spoil my day” – I thought

I picked the phone and didn’t say anything, I was waiting for her to talk first.
-5 seconds; silence…
-15 seconds; still silence…

“Ah, this chick get credit o” I thought to myself

“Hello?” – she finally spoke after about 35 seconds or so (wasn’t really counting the seconds, but the thing tey shaa)

“Waddup” – I replied

“Ehhhhhhh…..I just called to tell you that, about yesterday…………it wasn’t really my fault sha” -She said and hung up

I frowned and look at my phone

“What tha heck?!!” – I exclaimed

“After the incident yesterday so this girl really get mind call me and still dey claim right??” – I said in mind with eyes wide open

With my morning being soured by princess, I got up from my bed with a vexed face. I walked up to the bathroom and without knocking, angrily opened the door… and right standing in front of me was Ijeomo, NAKED!

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  • Gifty
    Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm 0Likes

    Ok sir. Thank you

  • Gifty
    Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm 0Likes

    Ok sir. Thank you

  • Cirphrank iWrite
    Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm 0Likes

    No ma, we're just having some glitches. Silent Seductionis coming, Fiyah is working on it.

  • Gifty
    Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm 0Likes

    Thats how he ended silent seduction…:(

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