Quickly I tell the story of money and honey. Asked to choose one, a getaway from brokenness or you, I chose you.

Folks queried, why her? love just isn’t enough and grow up brother, you can’t live life without the paper…

I replied calmly as a winner, for the loss they feel I’m lost to it.

If I choose a million dollar over her, I would spend it trying to drink, smoke away from the hurt the decision would bring, which will haunt me a length, 6 feet.

But choosing her leaves me which so much positivity as regards all about life, just a percent of it would motivate and inspire me to make millions of dollars subsequently.

What you see is me throw away a getaway from brokenness, what I see is that I avoided choosing a gateway to a lifetime of being broken, a soul hellbound in grief.

There’s praise the Lord, Hallelujah, then there’s her. 

Copyright, All rights reserved. – Cirphrank

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