He sits and he wonders
Pondering how he got here
Retracing every step he’s taken
Like a man lost on a journey.

For a while, he ponders where he’s from
And then he wonders where he’s going
Querying each step he takes
And second-guessing each thing he sees.

This man feels alone and tired
Aching for rest, but he can’t
He’s stuck in his cycle
Searching for clues in everything.

Love comes his way but he barely sees her
So do a lot more things
Slow seductresses, teasing his mind
Promising him they’d help him unwind.

And slowly he does
In leaps and bounds, he springs,
Like freshwater, he flows,
He surrenders himself to art.

Music, poetry, and colours
He isn’t sure where he’s going
Or if he’s on the right part to get there
All he knows is that right now;

In the moment
Between his beginning and end
He must live,
and so, he does.

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