Saved from peril,
Adorned with Grace
Used for greatness
Lived a fulfilled life.

Sun can’t compare with the light of God
An Arch Evangelist emerges, haters couldn’t stop him
Undiluted, he preached the word of God
Look! Here he comes, fearlessly proclaiming God’s Love.

September will be better
August may have left you sober
Unmerited favor is yours
Long proclaimed by one who heard God’s voice.

Someone has said it all
Atonement is done, Grace is yours, your sins taken care of
Up earlier I spoke of him
Long after I’m gone, many will speak of him and above all, our GOD.

Him? his name: the sum of every first letter in each line, worth repeating four times.

Happy Sunday. Be blessed.

©Cirphrank Wordy. It’s all about Grace.

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