Dear Lord, shall we? See I’m sorry, my face might not really be showing it but really I am, I get it, you must be pissed at me, I’ve not been making contact of recent even though I need not airtime to, just the life you gave me is enough, pardon me, please forgive me my sins, and give me a listening ear.

I’m in a church right now lord, and around me are people praying, pastor is speaking in tongues and likewise are about 99.75% of people here, it’s cool and same time it’s not, some seem to be feignning it, that’s utmost disrespect to the holy spirit! at least so I think, hmmm, that aside lord, I’d desire to tell you about education, it’s not easy lord, not like I expect it to be, but neither did I expect much hardship from it, well I know by your grace I’d survive this.

Now lord, I have a question, do shit really have to happen!? Lord, please, so many thing are going wrong lord, things ain’t rosy, not living the dreams yet Lord, shall I have to wait any longer? do gold really have to pass through fire? even when it desires value? And lord, all around are people that makes me think their sole purpose on earth is to annoy me? Shall I continue to keep calm even though ain’t still waters, or how am I to get angry at them and not sin? why? Dear Lord, why not realease a scripture that permits me to break their heads. Enough of my rantings lord, even though I’ve got more but I just think it’s only sensible that I thank you now lord, pardon my manners, see I can’t really thank you in a way that will match your great deeds which you’ve done in my life my family as a whole, thanks for that which you’ve done, you’re doing and will do, please pardon my filthy self and help ameliorate my issue, thank you God, in Jesus name I’ve pray…

Sorry you had to read me talking with God, pheu! that was something else, went to church today? Prayed? You didn’t go to church? How long has it been pal? Days? Since you’ve said a prayer? Say one now friend, talk with your creator, before you continue with what you’re doing, it won’t hurt. Happy Sunday, have a goodnight.

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P.S: From a Sunday.

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