Hi everyone, been quite a while, merry Tuesday morning, today I bring you beautiful pretty magic in a simple form yet exquisite, 6minutes you won’t regrets. ADUNI III.

Having with time performed I and only given II in written form the IIIpart comes straight out of the box with a video of its own, herein you’d hear a sad story, a church story, a God story, I’m not the life of the spoilers party but yes, she pretty much died… Come to think of it, kind of have a semblance with infinity war or infinity war has a semblance to it… (considering it has actually been out for a long while before the Thanos debut movie), you can watch via my Youtube channel below and subscribe to moi awesome timeline for more poetical chic choc amigo, or just go ahead and hit the download button to have it offline for yourself, family and friends! Either way, please do try to leave a feedback, would appreciate. Criticisms are so very much welcome, appraisals and nudges too #winks, you know what I mean. Let me leave you to get going now, thanks for staying with Beta Yarn1, see you soon.

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PS: Enjoy. 🙂

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1Beta YarnGreat Discuss. Beta has a little twist to it in this context, taking on the greek meaning and the pidgin meaning in line with how it is spoken by the natives of Nigerian. Yarn on the other hand purely derives its meaning from pidgin here, meaning to talk/gist.
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