When the world seems to weigh you down
And the sweet melody of life has become
A cacophony of gritting bones and crushed dreams

When love steals away on your darkest days
and heartbreak comes to settle in your aorta
Poisoning your blood with sickle sadness

A deep breath has become my answer to everything
There’s such poetry in the delicate romance of oxygen and my lungs
and I find that, as I let them serenade each other
Sanity is effused like aphrodisiac pheromones
and peace comes upon me under the influence of their love

So when my mind becomes home to anxiety
And depression sits like my crown of thorns
Chasing off my messianic prospects
I just breathe

When my life feels like a gift I don’t want
I pray to be content and
enjoy the present
So I just breathe.

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