Please don’t die on me
Asake no, you can’t leave me this way
FREEZE!!!! Your hands on your head immediately, 
Your hands on your head I say… 

Sir, it was an accident, believe me… 
By my pleas fell on deaf ears
As my head was smashed to the car screen, 
Forced to the station, I wept in tears. 

And so that was it, 
My love fairy tale came to an end
Charged with an offense I didn’t commit, 
Love has condemned me to death!!! 

Sentenced to life imprisonment, 
The kirikiri I once heard about, now becomes where I walk about
This wasn’t what I proposed as love’s treatment
And to my fate, love has shut her mouth.

This wasn’t the dream we had
Neither is it what we planned for
And now pain engulf my heart
But yet, you I long for.

I’ll kiss the sky goodbye 
Just to see you one more time. 

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