At crossroads and I am not even crossing the roads, it’s more of like, I’m scared to row my boat when I don’t really need to ‘cos there’s Christ by the bank beckoning on me, question is would I be brave enough to go?

Would I sink in the dark or go with Christ’s glow and connect with Heavenly network of glory or will I thread it ‘easy’ dare not the ‘scary’, sail with the tide and anchor at woes.

Crossroads, decisions I make now have a quick direct impact, can’t be a baby no more, my body succumbed to growth already and along it drags my mind, decisions made now can make or mar me for life, if care be not taken by me and I throw caution to the wind, my prospective Sun of a future would follow suit and failure would yield to gravity beside me and force me on a ride, but God forbid!

So I seek wisdom through Christ, with whom to the top I can rise, grace keeps me alive not just body-wise but in my mind likewise and it makes me think wide…

Are you to young to be wealthy? don’t you think you are too old to be sizzling in penury? Time is ticking speedily and steady, your time is your life, the seasons are getting seasoned in your pot of decisions, would that soup turn out sweet? or sour?

The question is not if you will plant in time to harvest while others do, it’s not a situation of make hay while the Sun shines, read slow and don’t get me wrong, question is;

Are you going to make hay with Christ even when the Sun won’t shine?
Good luck!.


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