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PBG5ONE Thursday Video Content – Loving God

GOD LOVES YOU, DO YOU LOVE HIM? In recent times, our generation has lit up with a great “revelation” or should I say understanding of God’s love for us, and rightly so. We spent a long time – may be too long a time – hearing so much of God’s wrath and justice, while knowing […]

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Sea breeze cologne

With freckles that removedSpeckles from my visionI soon enough swung into a missionMy morale went from zero to sea breeze bold. Beauty that gave me gingerLeft me like I was drunk in aleI said to her;You look like a twilightStanding out like a starlightThey say change is constantBut I pray your freckles never sway. She […]

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6 after 9 (i)

I often ponder, recently,What will be of calmIf 6 came after 9Would we sternly frown, try to fix it,Or confused, panicking for an explanation, helplessly drown. If heaven gets located under the earthAnd hell is where we are underneathWould it all make sense or throw us off balanceLike aha! No wonder all evil pleasures takes […]


I’m a silhouette seeking colors…

If you found yourself in my shoes, you would choose to walk barefootA lot on my plate isn’t actually nutritiousI’m not balanced ‘cos I ain’t die yetYou’d ask how I became this? I’ve learned from my indecision making decisions for me. I’m a cross between strong morals and I have to surviveThese soiled hands can […]

My Father Has Two Lives – Ola TheRAWPoet

What if I ask you about your father? “I once asked my friend to tell me about his dad; afterward, it dawned on him that, that is one of the most difficult questions he’s ever had to answer & it’s not because he didn’t have what to say.This is an ode! Maybe not for Fathers Day. But it […]

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1234 – Loving you is not easy

1234Loving you is not easyElse, I would have stopped the count at 3I miss not missing you. ABCDLoving you isn’t sweetElse I would have stopped at the letter CBut you are no vitamin, more like a deficiency. Loving you is not idealIt’s not for the fainthearted And their is no pride in itNot when it […]


Monsters And Balloons

My monsters gave me a grinWhen I was little they gave dreamsBut I’ve long grownAnd life has reshaped them into frightening gnomes. My monsters gave me a grinBut as an Adult, they give me chillsFor my innocence life has whippedAnd I’m tempted to say the younger me was just naive. But what if the younger […]

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10,000 smiles

We have an abundance hereWith every tick-tock We having thick talkAbout happiness. There’s a whole lot of self-love quotes flying aroundHappiness promoting woke statements tooSo I tell you, friend, We have an abundance of it here. Don’t let the default on rents fool youOr a kid’s school fees rants clue youI implore you not to […]