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Passing Showers.

Yesterday a passing transient shower, Slaked my thirst so gently, softly, Parted my lips, shook my bones. They say the world is dying, I know, I remember how you said love died. It was a passing shower, a fancy, That left you cold and shivering. This distance, these wired networks, Couldn’t bring your love to […]

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My name is not matter

This body swelled and stored fat without my permission. It shoved off measurements and proportions as it bloomed into society’s black book. I try to convince myself that a giraffe is not a model because every elephant has a trunk but I do not listen. Cute shoes won’t fit on my feet ’cause they say […]


Face in the Mirror.

When a mirror stares at me, It gazes in scrutiny the curves of my lips, The puff of my chins, And the sparkle in my eyes, Then concludes upon its sham. When a mirror stares at me, It sees my whole life in a glance; The crashing of a thousand dreams Into heaps of frustration, […]


The Girl Who Broke Her Heels.

Staring at the mirrored door with second checks, She finally walked into the club, teetering on strapped stilettoes. Her body is sucked into a short skirt, The scooped blouse shows off kind cleavage. Her searching eyes danced around the room, throwing ‘notice me please, otherwise I’m nothing’ glances. With the hollow in her soul hidden […]

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Stranger Than Fiction

When we carry calabash on our shoulders And our identities on our chins, We’re judged by the battles our fathers fought and lost, For their scars were just new tribal marks. We do not hit the head of a chicken To stop her alarm when she sings her songs, While yawns are chorused from Hamlet […]


How to Serve your Opinions

If you ever find yourself seated among men whose words provoke laws, Do not be like a dead fish on the table Serve your opinions with raw hot pepper And watch them smack their lips and blink their eyes a thousand and two. Let them stick out their tongues to the wind. Let the sensation […]


They say I have no money to buy clothes That is why I creep upon sheep at night To tear off their innocent skin From ears to paws I walk around the streets Like a scholarsheep priding in another’s sweat. Do not ask me if I deserve it, Because it takes outstanding skills To shred […]



You beat your chest all the time, Inflicting pains to your innocent heart, Now it wails like a hungry toddler whose mother voyaged away with all the milk. You beat your chest all the time, And crowned yourself a demigod, screaming of your enviable talents And blinding ears with the dust of lies. You beat […]


How To Break a Heart

I have heard of broken hearts But I’ve never seen their smashed pieces littered on marble floors. I have heard of broken hearts But they still seem to beat and pump blood into veins. I have heard of broken hearts How come they pull themselves together to love again? To tear a heart apart Take […]