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UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (20)

According to the examination time table, we were to kick start our exams with GSTs which had recently been changed from Pencil and Paper to Computer Based Test.  GST courses are somewhat the kind of courses that Freshers alike read and start thinking that they have arrived. I had classmates who would sit down in […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed(19)

I had totally forgotten about the package but I told her I was about opening it. She promised to call back 30minutes after and I ran to the car to take the package, only to remember that the keys were inside the sitting room. Na so I waka go back, waka come back.   It […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed(18)

The Officer went on to ask me what I do for a living and I told him that I was a student. He ordered that we step out of the car; collected my phones and started invading my privacy. I was somewhat not a picture fan. Most of the pictures on my phone where people I don’t even know. After he was done […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed(16)

“I am sorry about Damian,” I said. I had no idea why she had to use that infinity ish but I must be honest, it was her tears that gave me a clue that Damian gave in to his side effect of living.   “What was it that he was wrong with?” she smiled at my English mastering, […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (15)

Like I said earlier, the first semester examinations were close. So on this ‘I have a new car’ day, classes didn’t hold except for one which could have been quite educative if not for the chat I was having on Whatsapp with Miriam. She wanted to see me urgently but I lied I was in […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (14)

I couldn’t help myself from sweating from the eyes *_*… “I am sorry Okay? I have asked God for forgiveness, I know he has forgiven me but I need yours baby. I need you to tell me you have forgiven me and I want to share your pains, I might not know what you went […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (13)

I woke up to Lami’s call the following morning, she was saying something about some of my classmates wanting to come pay me a visit. I quickly rebuked the idea and told her I would be in class the following day. She gave the phone to Elvis who went commando telling me how he helped […]


UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (11)

We ended up not meeting; I called her 30mins after the time we agreed and she told me she slept off, which actually got me sad. Especially when Lami called me to tell me that they just landed in Lagos and that they were having fun, she even gave the phone to Elvis who spent […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (10)

General Stinson Adewale was retired three days after his visit. You know military and their protocols; the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria had previously appointed a new set of Service Chiefs who were somewhat lower in ranks so all high ranked officers had to be retired. There was a retirement party held in […]


UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (9)

After the closing prayers, I hurried up to leave but that gentleman that was with Miriam caught me and started asking his funny questions, AGAIN. He started from how the service was, and then he moved to how nice my shoes were, he asked if I had seen Miriam. He probably didn’t see my fake […]