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Who could she be?

After the Rejection from my Heartbeat, The heartbreak was devastating. I felt like trash, like nothing, because of her refusal, lawma. I wanted to end it all. Love indeed is just a fairy tale with no happy ending. I decided to walk home from work Just to fill my head with my thoughts, Not knowing […]

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BROKEN SPIRIT I told him of my relationship, How I’m happy with my boyfriend, How I love him for being him, How he ran to reach the deepest part of my heart and he lifted my love as a trophy he won. You’re my dear friend, though I’m aware of your love, Calling me every […]


Hip Hop and Drugs Let me introduce myself, I’m hip-hop and I have a partner. She has been there from the very first lines of rap to the last stanza by heart. We are inseparable through time ,from grandmaster melle mel to future we have maintained our love, through this white lines that preached don’t […]