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When your friend is sad

When your friend is sad Like a cloak with a mind of its own Sadness doctors strangely upon you It wraps itself around your neck to restrict your freedom and trails along behind you to distort your steps Your mind should feel like home but on this day, there’s a hole in the ceiling above […]

Learning Love.

Love comes, at moments we never expect Like in a car park or working on a projector even in a classroom to a child too youngand so, when I was way too youngto understand what love really wasCupid found me, with her sharp arrows When you fall “in love” with someonewho is way out of […]

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When I think of emotions, I imagine a switch. I imagine that love is a lightbulb in the room of my heart and I am comfortable in the dark. My eyes are dark adapted and my body has gotten used to the inescapable collision of darkness. I imagine that, like any object in the dark […]

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People assume that I’m okay, Ironical, strange, tragic. They see that I’m tall and strong and so they bring them; Sweaty backs, laden with the stench of trouble Stomach’s swirling with too much wine Head full of discordant thoughts and they lean on me They hide beneath my branches, step on my roots and cower […]



You’re a wordless poem I hope to perform Soundless music by a hyperactive orchestra My mind’s obsession painted on a blank canvas with the colors of the rainbow and the sadness of a soul You’re an art form A masterpiece The proof of a creator’s mastery is embodied in the precision of your curves Whole […]

Airborne Answers

When the world seems to weigh you down And the sweet melody of life has become A cacophony of gritting bones and crushed dreams Breathe When love steals away on your darkest days and heartbreak comes to settle in your aorta Poisoning your blood with sickle sadness Breathe A deep breath has become my answer […]

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I wish that you could see the secrets behind each text or decipher with your mind’s eye the words buried by backspacing. I love you Hey. You’re all I ever think about How are you My mind is falling apart I’m fine too. Do you ever think of me? How was your night? My nightmares […]

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Love and Fear

They say love is comforting But I swear it has me scared to death You tell me you’re stressed I hear you’re completely fatigued You tell me you’re hungry I hear you’ve been starving for days You tell me you’re cold I hear you’re stuck in a blizzard You complain about the heat And I […]



I promised I’d let myself cry whenever I needed to and it took this decision to help me realize Tears aren’t enough Growing up, I cried a lot from pain, more emotional than physical I always cried. This might’ve been okay, maybe but I’m a boy and I’ve come to learn that it is never […]