Headsets plugged, I jammed away one of  my favourites, a couple of minutes into the rap as I mimed: “if you want me come and get me”, then she came in, pitch perfect, for it seemed like she was pitching her beauty to me, and she did so, perfectly! Natural with just a couple of touches, so eloquently expressed as she appeared into the room dazzling almost blinding like I just woke up in the morning opening the blinds in a dark room.

I  couldn’t hold back at this, I’m not the type to rush, not usually even the type to crush, but damn it!,this feeling I’m getting, I just have to open up, so I called unto her saying; “hey beautiful, can I have a couple of minutes darling?” She stunned me with a lively “yes” as she beamed with smiles thus amplifying her beauty and leaving butterflies in my belly. So I continued saying;

Darling, do you know that Jesus is the greatest celebrity that ever walked earth a man? he was a whizz-kid, 12 year old tutoring professors so effortlessly. See, my man achieved his dream by 33 already, a worldwide eternal dream oh, not Otedola something, and guess what? when he was given birth to, the men from the east had to trace a star to find the boy, tell me you know of any other greater starboy!

At this point, she looked like she had seen a ghost, “me I just bone and continued, this time I sang the below with an opera voice”,

Christmas is here,

Christmas is red

Christmas is rare

Once in a year! (4x)


I ended it an epic, and said in all my baritone: that’s all damsel, thank you.

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