I was reading my bible
And it made me marvel
For I couldn’t understand the things I read
As examples were in form of parables that I couldn’t fathom like puzzles

I remember the path about the rich fool
Who had his belly full
But was never grateful
For he was a fool bigger than a big foolish fool
And this fool wasn’t thankful to God
For the bountiful food which made his store house full

And this made God angry
For his thoughts were like
And forgetting that without God, man is NOTHING
So God decided to make this fool feel some suffering
By taking away the air which this fool has been breathing

Come to think of it
This fool could just be anyone of us on earth
For if I can guess
Yesterday majority of us ate
Forgetting to give thanks to He who rules the Heavens and the Earth
And gave us what we ate

How about instead of we wasting time on stupid things
Like thinking of how to acquire worldly things
Let’s get on out knees and give thanks to Him

And for our guys who have forgotten about paying their tithes
But remember to hold a lady tight
And also more concerned on wearing rags
Calling it swaggs because they sag
But I call it QUACKS

I pray we deviate from things of nonentity
And fill our heart with things of Heavenly morality
Such as glorifying the Holy Trinity
and its glorious entity
That is greater than all principalities
Commiting satanic atrocities in our society

So I advice that we give God the gratitude
For He alone has the pulchritude
And in it did He create Heavenly institutes
And it is our solemn duty as members of His institute
To give Him the gratitude
And proclaim His Glory to the multitude.


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