Here’s a quick one for the blind, my point of view from behind, the truest front to it all as at now.

For the blind, congrats, you can’t see.
Congrats for you do not wake up every morning to see your environment in it’s physical mess as mainly orchestrated by by legal thieves, please I have no panache to getting jailed so I’d not stain this page with their names, so not worth it. It has gotten so bad that I know you most likely feel it, values fluctuating and prices skyrocketing and we dare not even speak against it for freedom after speech is a bait to taste ill… The chips are down and the cookies just keep on crumbling and if for once you feel like you are having a fair share, please I mean no insult and no intent to undermine your workings but congrats friends, you can’t see the rubbles we have reduced ourselves to.

For the blind, congrats, this indecency you can’t see.
Brothers killing each other for papers, sisters throwing away their dignity for paybacks and paperbacks, congrats my blind friend, you heard it but didn’t really see it, how the mob murked the innocent 4 and some celebrated it with selfies on the scene and their was even a recording, I guess the owner of the mobile phone was out of airtime to call the police and so were others who duly participated in the lynching. I am quite happy for you that you can’t see this madness that has taken toll of our men smoking away their lives and their nose like chimneys and their actions a pile of fatal gibberish, I dare say if truly monsters exist, they sure hiding somewhere now totally scared of us.

For our law enforcement are ill funded and a couple of them compromising, participating in and enforcing lawlessness! Our Cleric leader, a whole number of them have turned chronic deceivers, there’s little of original and fake now, more of fakes and worse fakes, there’s those that just don’t care and in their nonchalant attitude doing it just for the money have wreaked upon countless number of families of course unpleasant mourning, fake drugs and its abusing, have led to their neighbors kidnappings, and more of these things of no merry, I’m happy my friend their faces you can’t see, for the victims and the preys would haunt your dreams worse once clearly registered in your memories so I’m really happy the obvious is left to just your imagination. Trust me, those that got us freedom in 1960 must have imagined the worse but not this current situation of the nation.

I really hope you don’t get me wrong for in this world I didn’t really find many sets of folks to out pour my heartfelt pains to like I felt I could to you and you’d understand me. For like some of those things you’ve never seen and wish you did, so are some I have and I wish I didn’t, like she told me she’d die without me, first time I saw her she took my breath away and so did I feel when I saw her in bed with the “bad guy” she didn’t want or so she said and I gentlemanly walked away, I’m glad you don’t get to see these beggars fade away and while ogas at the top beam in smiles every day as they loot away, I’m glad you won’t get to see the pains in my eyes nor the tears from from this kid’s eyes as he recalls how he lost his parents in the bombing and now it’s raining and he feels not its touch on his skin for this cold as he has no home has numb him. I’m glad I can only tell you my story and not show you my scars, and you probably heard and know already, we celebrating literally fuel scarcity and its price is heartbreaking, something we are steadily exporting.

Congrats to the blind. Thanks for giving me a listening ear, I’m thankful I brought you no eye sore telling you what I saw, I can only hope now that you don’t hate but understand me, I feel quite better now, so I’d stop breaking down on you here, congrats, congrats friends, congrats you can’t see.

Happy New Year In Advance, I wish us a divine 2018.


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