Hi there, happy Sunday pals, this month sure crazily have love and progress in the air! and I’m glad you breathing fine!

Today I’ll be discussing an issue with us that sure is pissing me off and cracking me up at the same time! yea yea, you read that right. But before we push on, have you been to the latest awesome shop in town today? huh? the lightweight sexy customer soothing mart… if not, do so and don’t miss out on awesome deals!

Quick question: why do boys find it hard to just tell it when they love someone, huh? (when they really do, especially when falling in love for the first time).

I’m guessing you are saying; ehn.. for they fear to get a NO and ultimately losing the person. Well, I for one see that as but just a childish fear, though it’s true Cupid makes a baby out of everyone but if you don’t ask you’d never have a chance at a YES! and oh, she will still leave anyway.

Well, that was the part that cracks me up, that unnecessary awry fear, now the part that pisses me off is the pseudo show of hate, masking your feelings for her in a way that’s just outrightly disgusting! Wait, I’ll explain what I mean with a true-life case scenario.

There’s this guy, Mr. Willow, who loves a young lady: Miss. Fabulous, (no of course not! those are not their real names, any name used herein is a cover). Well, all of Willow’s close friends knows Willow has always had a maddening interest in Fabulous for a couple of years now, (years and the craze never gree give confession to the lady priest that has fabulously bewitched him) so it so happened on a certain day, they were having a discussion on random topics and a question came up, who’s the prettiest girl among all the girls they all know? when it got to Willow’s turn, they all got an expected answer: Fabulous, they all laughed that he was being partial for he’s in love, and agreed Fabulous is pretty too though but not the most. Albeit, he stood his stand, unrepentant, that to him she’s the prettiest.

One of them (Mack) met a friend of theirs a couple of days later, a guy who had missed the boys time out and he briefed him  of the discus and how Willow thinks of Fabulous as the prettiest of girls, immediately the absentee (Karl) exclaimed: “seriously!??? that girl has no shape!..” he said a whole lot that made it appears that Fabulous disgusts him!

Well, Mack, the info medium thought it fine to let Willow know what Karl thinks of Fabulous, Willow listened keenly and kept mute about it.

Then came another day when the boys got caught in a short full house discuss, this time, Karl was present and in the course of the discussion going on, Willow made really obvious how his feelings for Fabulous was still burning lit, next thing that happened was a shocker to him, Karl grabbed Willow’s hands a drew him to a corner, only to start acting ridiculous, telling him: “abeg guy, I love that girl die! abeg just leave am for me, if you want make I kneel for you, I go do am, anything at all wey you go want make I do, but abeg no carry her from me abeg…” perplexed and feeling overwhelmed, Willow just kept his cool, and laughed it off.

Not long after, a video was circulating, it had Karl who actually is an upcoming rapper performing at a show which Fabulous attended, he was seen on his kneel rapping in front of Fabulous and the song was actually a love song! Well, madam just shyly waka leave am for the area.

Now, do you see what a mess that is, now imagine what a greater mess it would have been if Willow had not been sensible with things and told Fabulous what Karl feels as regards her shape?

I chipped in this story to avoid having to explain too much, never think pseudo-hating is a way of showing love, it is not attractive nor is it going to pass any good message to the lady. In the past 2, I’ll be outlining a list of things you should never do with/to that lady you hope on getting a yes from, till then, keep in mind that no form of hate is a suitable way of showing love, plus fact is, getting a no won’t actually kill you but just make you know where you stand!

Well, that’s it for this first part, you go on now and have an awesome remainder of this happy Sunday.

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Read the 2nd part up here: Part 2

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  • AFI
    Posted June 3, 2018 at 10:33 pm 0Likes

    Seriously, I can relate with this Cirphrank. I’ve had some guys who lost me to that annoying and disgusting stuff, but truth is, they lost! They end up being on the loosing side like crap in trash cans. sincerely, I love sincerity and if guys want to make “great at hiding emotions” an excuse for mediocrity and juvenile delinquency, its their headache. #dropsmic

    • Poetic Ali
      Posted June 4, 2018 at 10:16 am 0Likes

      Truly their headache! lol, man your comment came as a a hit with the heat, you vexing ma!

  • Abigail Tuedor
    Posted November 8, 2019 at 11:03 am 0Likes

    Was there a sequel to this?

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