Hi there, happy new week, this was supposed to come through on Sunday even though I did not say earlier but then, though I’m not a fan of sorry I apologize for being away for such an interval, miss you guys and it always feels good to do this with you.

So today as the post’s title screams, we’ll be rounding up on what we started here: You will not die if you just ask her out! (1)

As I earlier stated in the ending note of the first part, this will be just pretty much a quick list of things you should never do with her. Let’s get started already.

  1. Don’t Pseudo-hate: This is what was mainly deliberated upon in the first part, showing even a fake hate is in no way a plus, it is not sexy, not sweet, definitely not cool, nor is it in any way a way to go. Never a way to get a yes
  2. Don’t cower in fear: Before brains found their place in mankind’s hall of relevance and became a thing o appreciation, the brawns were. It was always about being fearless, tirelessly daring, and similar attributes, and guess what, it still is.  Yes, smartness is the new sexy but hell no, being daring is not out of vogue yet, and the sweetest part of being a brawn nowadays is it is easier than it was then (like no need throwing punches around up and down and no need going to wars every month), you may appear as somewhat cute if you go being like a jelly in the sun anytime you want to talk to her or even just meet her, but thing is, you’ve got to man up and swallow the cold feet and stop acting like you are on a hot seat anytime you speak with her, she may like you for a while for being a shivering baby because you are deeply attracted to her but it is in no way a way to get a yes, for that attribute irritates on the long run. The feminine folks like their men masculine, and I don’t mean any African old warped mentality of defining it, (woman-beater…). Don’t rehearse your speeches, just practice calmness with her being around, you would get good with it over time.
  3. Be a friend: You know the opposite of fiend is a friend, and as advised against in number 1, you should never hate, in realness or otherwise! So what does that leave you as? … exactly! a FRIEND. There is no telling how well a true friend is appreciated, but you have to be careful how you play this card, you’ve got to play it really well alongside the next tip else you end up in the zone only Barry Allen has been able to make it out of, and that was in the movies, no, I won’t make mention of the zone, writing it as it is might be some sort of bad luck… yes I’m scared.
  4. Don’t be TOBE: I really did not ask many questions on this, precisely no question actually apart from the definition. A girl hit my WhatsApp in-box after reading the first part and asked that I add this in the list to come, and I just had to because it’s for our own good guys. She said to avoid the Tobe Syndrome, well, after reading her explanation of it, I had my hand covering my face in shame (like that WhatsApp I just tire emoji) for I once had the syndrome too, I said I did not know a name existed for it that is treated as such (like the sign of a disease), and she just laughed, replied that a good number of young ladies know what it means. Well, Tobe Syndrome is that which a guy exhibits when he really likes a girl but wouldn’t tell her because he chokes on the word!  They may know you love them, but nothing can be traded for you saying it, so don’t you dare be Tobe and choke on it, it is not your pride so please do not swallow it, let it out already and just say it! She may have been waiting!
  5. Show it: Keeping this simple and basic, the ultimate icing to the cake is that you show that you love her. If your mind truly won’t let you rest and you just can’t help losing focus when you try not to think of her, don’t wait no longer, don’t keep calm till you get a Bugatti Veyron and own acres of land, apply the above steps already, subtly, then go ahead to make sure you show it (that you truly want her), no you don’t have to be capable of taking her to the movies every weekend, if truly you stand a chance, she will understand that you are not Dangote, just yet. Give her every time you can make available, make sacrifices, you may not be able to afford gold but you can buy her something that would mean so much to her if you put good thinking into it, even if it is of a low price. (you can only figure what that would be if you’ve been a real pal, and have been giving her time which would have you listening to her endlessly on some occasions, yes, ladies are cute like that.)

There’s more if we were to elaborate on the above highlights but I’m pretty sure we don’t want to make this post an epistle now, and do not forget you have to have a drive, some creative stuff you are passionate about, if I had forgotten totally to make mention of that, I would be sly, be a creative walking piece of awesomeness, it is a big plus! it gives her the feeling that a bright future is secured, which is an unwavering case is true.

And with that I would write that we have come to the end of the breaking news, truth has been revealed, no may try to break your soul, but it never succeeds, never, you won’t die because you ask her out, if she rejects, true love will heal you, and remember, if you are finding it hard getting over an unrequited love;First love never dies, but true love can bury it alive. It can. Click To Tweet And it is a wrap amigo, time to scare your fears, have a great night!

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  • Abigail Tuedor
    Posted November 26, 2019 at 6:00 pm 0Likes

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 And it’s a lovely wrap.. Wish I could share this🤔

    • Poetic Ali
      Posted January 3, 2020 at 11:44 am 0Likes

      You can, just pick a share button, or two, or more. Thank you.

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