I told him of my relationship,
How I’m happy with my boyfriend,
How I love him for being him,
How he ran to reach the deepest part of my heart
and he lifted my love as a trophy he won.

You’re my dear friend,
though I’m aware of your love,
Calling me every now and then,
Texting me all sweet and pleasing words
I won’t deceive myself that I love you,
But, I’m taken and I want to remain taken.

Curse that day,
the day you invited me over.
I knew you could act funny,
but I was willing to trust you.
Maybe trust all you’ve said,
To put your hands in your pocket.
I never knew I was being foolish.

I dressed to be myself,
But the thought roaming your mind,
Made you see the long gown as a short skirt.
You bounced on me and
buried me in the middle of your bed.
I struggled and struggled,
But the beast in you weakened my strength.
And you eventually had your way.
You raped my virginity and my trust.
You took my pride and left me shattered and scattered.

I called you a monster, yes.
A beast is all you are.
I ran out of your room
And almost ran out of my world.
I got knocked down by your action
Before I got knocked dead by a speeding car.
Though my body is whole,
But my spirit is broken into pieces.

I died by my decision,
By your action,
By the moving car.
My decision saw me to grave’s edge.
Your action pushed me in,
And the car finally buried me.

Writer: Stylo (Ibikunle Olakunle Abdulganiyy)
A loyal and pertinent writer.

Editor: Stone (Livingstone Imonitie) you

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