Can’t Make Old Friends

‘Twas quite long and stressful at school that day,
Fridays are overrated, no much fun except you are partying or seeing a game
So I ran home, hoping to receive sweet cuddles from my bed,
And then I saw this letter from my best friend and here’s what it read.

“Dear Tega,
Words cannot express how I feel
But know that you are the best friend I had ever seen
And if it happens that we don’t meet after this day,
Know that I’d carry your heart forever all the way
I am gone away … Femi”

I ran to Femi’s house, but his taxi already had gone down the street
Our lifetime of friendship he had just folded along with his sleeves
Weeks past, he wouldn’t pick up his calls nor reply his mails
I don’t get!!! Is this what you claim or was there more dirt under your nails
I sit here all day and play video games all alone
I’m a guy, I shouldn’t cry, so whatya’ expect me to do?
I pick up the same leaf he had written me with
And with tears in my heart, I made these prints..

Days are so empty knowing that you are a million miles gone
This school feels so dejected as though the rapture was come
I stare at my phone every second hoping you will call
Another empty wish, day in and out and for all night long
Lol, don’t flatter yourself boy, I don’t miss you that much
Buh that was a rude way to have gone, you are still a foolish boy after all for this cause
Were you just being a mummy’s boy or were you so scared I would beat you to G-force?
Hehehe- like the last test you failed because you wrote minus thirteen and I wrote plus
But in all honesty, what would I do now that you’re gone?
Who’s gonna help me fall Kayode’s hand when he’s claiming he knows more?
Who’s gonna comment rubbish on my facebook posts and steal all my tweets?
Who’s gonna woo the same fine girl with me and tease every ugly one we find on the streets?
What am I gonna do, and where do I go?
Six years of friendship and you just brought up a new show
It ain’t meant to be so, my hand you fell and even broke
I actually thought we would live young together and laugh about it when we are old
Well I hope you find true friendship wherever you go
I hope you marry someone like Kemi although I know you don’t pray so, Lol
I hope you find joy and a fun filled life
I wish you “good good loving” and extreme peace of mind
As for me, I would live and find new girls
I hope to find one who would be worthy of all my cares
I’d meet so many people and make new friends
Buh that’s all I can make, I can’t make old friends
P.S: you better return that my sandals you stole, you thought I won’t find out?

                            [c]Penprinted by Inah Joseph

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