Questions remain unanswered, how did we get here?. How did our beautiful dreams became nightmares on elm street.

Another beautiful piece from BSc(B√∆ken, S¶ne and C#rt!fied)


How can the one you hate become the one you love?
How come the words you never wished to say
become the very essence of the smile on your lips?
How can the grounds you wished never to walk upon
become the launching pad for your giant leap?
How can the conversation you so dreaded
become the daily hymns you sing and meditate?

How can the acts you desire before romance
become the path you tread on without a needle?
How can love taste so bitter to the same sweet tongue?
How can your faith be left to become your fate?
You either turn back or take the windy road.
How come the umbrella is now needed in drought?
How do we sweep away our mistakes under our couch?
Are you not afraid of looking under your mattress?

How can the place we call home become haunted?
How can the same name that made us laugh
drag marks of a trail on our chubby cheeks?
How can the same old problems lack solutions?
How can our active words become so impotent?

(Dedicated to M.R.D)

Book: BSc
Author: Mr.Eazykiel
Edited by: Imonitie Livingstone

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