I know loving is not a crime but suddenly you felt handcuffed to the relationship but then it hurts when you told me I forced you into a relationship.

I never forced you we both fell in love and at the beginning it was everything we wanted and more but then at a point your heart left and mine was the only one in love with you.

I love you so much that I loved you enough for the both of us but even at that point you spoke words that makes me feel like all along you lied to me that everytime when we talked about family and a future together, all you say are just words from your mouth and not from your heart.

I gave my all in love, the trust, the time and one day you said this that if you are another lady you will easily finish me by taking all my money because you know I will gladly give it to you or will I say foolishly give but then you don’t understand, love you don’t understand that love is not measured in material wealth I told you that yes you may take my money and leave but I can always make more money but if you take my heart, you have really finished me.

The truth is you did not understand what I said so you left with my heart broken and even in the distance I still met your financial need because it was never about the money it was about you but it’s one love story we both don’t understand but somehow wished the universe will show us.




-(c) Emmanuel A.I

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