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I’ve read pages till they went blank

Told tales till sweet ales went sour

I’ve heard the winds scream so bad the deaf complained

Oh believe me when I say I’ve listened to the dead convey whispers out of their realm.


He met me an old man in a young body, he said oh me buddy, thou be the brightest of the bunch, if thou was a banana, you would be the freshest fair one, come, I best many at taking photos, come, strike a pose behind this pile of books on ye desk from which thou hast stacked up wisdom in thine head…

My reply to his jumbo of old English yet to fully conform with this century was not my hand by my chin and a grin on my fist posing by tons of pages, I looked at him and said: who am I but a man that takes orders from inks of men that I know not what their heart really meant.


She said come, I’ve found a tent, a place to lay your head and mine on your chest, son of man, isn’t that what you’ve always ever really wanted? love by your side, peace be the only thing on your mind, I’m sure you don’t mind, we can have babies and anything we want in this garden, it will be just us, family, no treacherous form of gathering… I cackled, a face ruffled, confused, she asked what’s wrong? isn’t this what you want?

I replied: minds change, dreams shift shapes like changelings, would you get angry and probably call me an imp? if I told you I’d like to watch the moon serenade the oceans while I’m on it… I only desire a glimpse, then we can have babies.


Ruler of the seven kingdoms, commander of the finest of knights, I terrify enemies more than the night do kids, I am untouchable, all I ever wanted I have now, at least that’s what they think… So he walked up to me, adviser of the united realms, what troubles my lordship this evening? he asked as I worried on in my chair.

At that moment, I did not mean to blaspheme but I told him this:

Here I am on this iron throne yet under the throne of Grace, I may have the law by my side but I do not have love by my side. I am just a man, not a God.


You are the best there is to this sir, I’d say he humored me, but these awards I’ve got all shelved up don’t seem to think so, so I told him when he asked me what I want to become considering my masterclass knowledge in all sciences, he wanted to know which of the branches I’ve really come to love and would love to grow a tree on, perhaps you’d love to become like Einstein he guessed propose, a great physicist you’d become, I told him:

Diamonds reflect, reflection is what they truly are, listen mate, gold’s golden because it’s gold, I’d be damned if a man I am but seek only the silver lining oh please spare me society expectations I am not a silver, listen to me boy, no man born of labor and that breathes air has love for poetry more than me…

The heart knows what it wants and no matter how far we run, it always lay awaiting our return and we always come, to eventually stay, irrespective of how many rerun, best to pay attention to it early enough, tame it to the best but keep it modest, least it runs wild into ruins.


Seated by the window, deep in muse, my baby niece came running to me in my head, said to me: I was by your table, uncle I read what you wrote, why’d you never tell me you wanted to become a poet all these while I questioned, and I drew her close, scuffled her hair running my fingers through them, oh my precious little one I said, pay your uncle’s books no attention, he is but just a man, a man who wastes precious time thinking too much.


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