Choosing a Profession over your Passion

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A child is grown webbed by the shield of its parent
Once the web is entangled the child is tagged an adult
In its own eyes.

The parents have been through that phase but they didn’t want the web to be entangled now the child has to correct the mistake.

How does the child see a mistake in its innocent life, although he/she meant to fix it.

Son or Daughter, you are brilliant, study Medicine! it suits you.

Child; Yes dad,if that’s what you want

This is clearly a web you want to shield for a parent and not yourself.

The child goes in to the university admitted as a medicine student yet sings in the lab or clinic during practicals mixes beats during classes.

The result is poor; it was never a yardstick not to achieve good grades but the passion couldn’t be hidden.

Yes its too late in a university to find out your passion it is disappointing the secondary schools hardly have clubs that can put a child in sync with its love.

These ain’t a justification that the witches won the war or failure took its name on the child’s head.

Rather it’s for one to have a decision strategy,
Shielding your web
Obedience of one’s parent is good
But when you’re successful
The HAD I KNOWN STORY will not be written.

~Its a complicated piece~


Edited by: Cirphrank.

Ashburn is an engineering student from UNIBEN, a writer and a deep lover of photography, follow up on Instagram:Ashburn Fantasy

Editor’s Note: Simply put, truth has been spitten, facts can’t be hidden, passion will always end up the ultimate thing we’ll be professing.

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    Okay. Thank you

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    I'm on it ma'am. Sorry for the delay.

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    Not fair Cirphrank… U aint posting d story no more:(:(

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