Double word that interbreeds to produce commotion.

Reflecting on these piles of papers,
This controversial topic pierce my heart,
I bleed and opine that
It would be rather beautiful and sensible to put on the pair of shoe,
Not just one
And a double hat of critical analysis and indepth thinking,
With of course,
A simple dress of intelligence,
embroided with fairness and logic
While dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

The girl child;
A well trained special breed of dog on close inspection.
She gets in a university of advanced training where her lecturers,
Sorry, her parent_ teachers down pour intensive knowledge like torrents directly on her skin,
Not going by each day without having their stethoscope and microscope on,
With claims to be vast by default.

Denying faults,
They claim to be learned,
Taking responsibility on their girl child,
Putting responsibility on the tender hands of their little boy .

They place the boy like the back side of a coin on a rough floor,
Expose only the front side,
I mean,
The girl child to the world as the most important figure,
Forgetting the other side needs to be exposed to light to get rid of dust.
He is placed like that for years.

They wipe off the dust from the obvious side of the coin when its dusty,
Unconsciously allowing the other side to get rusty,
Get the picture.

Like a T-SHIRT,
A dirty one emphatically,
They wash it thoroughly,
Leaving no trace of stain on it(girl child).
They turn the shirt inside out,
That is,
They bring out the male child only when its set to be exposed to sunlight.
The male child gets to be disposed,
Sorry, exposed to light only when the sun is out,
Leaving a direct influence of harsh rays of the sun on him.

He returns as refugee to his camp when the t-shirt is ready for use.

“He can take care of himself”
The normal hashtag.

But when the shirt is worn inside out like that for humans to see,
They laugh at the obvious flaw.

But what can be done when the deal is done?

It was made and fashioned that way,
Kudos to his fashion designers_ his parents.

No one sees his values,
No one observes his cues,
Immorality blends with his skin,
Addiction becomes his real deal,
Sexual abuse is seen,
His rough end is forseen.

The society with judgemental caps on, rejects him,
He jumps into a lagoon of trouble,
Its news worthy,
The media projects him for the world to see,
With no investigation on how he was trained,
He is captured for months,
Months turn into years,
He is either burnt, hung or killed,
Forgetting Proverbs 22,
He is the VICTIM.

When he finally gains ground as a product of his survival from the war of poor and partial child training and parental care, he begins to hear voices crying our for *equality*..

Asuelimen Favour Isi®
AFI™_ D’Victim

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