Ehn, let me start by purely antagonising the popular saying that “Education is the best Legacy”, that’s a fatal misconception. Education is a good legacy, in fact a great legacy it is but it is not the best or the greatest, the best legacy and that which anyone could leave as such mostly as parents is showing others or young ones THE WAY OF THE LORD.

Well I’m not about to turn this to a religious article. Education is a great tool for the sharpening of the mind, for better understanding of ourself, our society and thus the universe at large. Education is the study of indepth analysis on subjects by men and women that take or took their time to think on the subjects thus we unconsciously making analysis on the issues already even before realising we’re doing so, in the course of doing this, new subjects spring up and are studied by various individuals and it goes on and on.

I quote, though roughly: “Education is the learning of things we already know in new ways” , that is a quote by whom I can’t recall now. I strongly agree with that quote.

Now is education really the alpha of all that man should acquire? and is it available only in the school setting? I’m writing on this as requested by a lady and as I told her, Education I shall laud and de-hype.

Let’s not thread in an Isrealite manner, Education can in the real sense only be lauded, if you ask me, I’d define Education simply as a tool of prime understanding, and a good measure of concise understanding is what every human needs to live a success filled life.

The de-hype [Reality Check]

However, here is what I antagonise; the popular notion that exist in 2ways, the notion viz;

-That education is available only in the school setting and those who get out with the best grades are the most educated

-That held by those who believe education exist beyond school wall but believe, that withing the school walls is supreme.

(i) Education is not achivable in the school setting only , and neither are all those that get out with the best grades the most educated. At first I wanted to write a Romeo and Juliet to drive in the point but on a second thought I believe you pretty much understand, life experiences is a form of education and you don’t need to be in school to experience life at its HIGH and LOW, mother nature will school you herself paid or not, also is education achievable via talent exploitation, skill(s) acquisition and many more. It how much we put into that which interests us that determines how educated we get. When I said “How much” I didn’t really mean finance-wise, though it’s not negligibe, I meant a collocation of all needed such as the aforementioned, dedication, discipline, passion and more.

With the above, I believe I’ve made lucid my take on the first way the infamous erroneous notion exist




Thank you.

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