Education (ii)

Education within school setting isn’t greater than that outside school setting, “everybody na king for im own lane”, don’t go feeling like Optimus Prime ‘cos you’re an undergraduate or a graduate. Some even permit me to say, stupidly go feeling pompous with an O’ level certificate. Each form of education has its use, a relevant one in EVERYONE’ lives where it plays a vital role, however our ability to use both depends on the side we’ve spent most of our life learning and that which really tickles our fancy, interests us. We on the long run have use for both in variations. Not getting it yet? well a sure way of being a failure is taking your school work with no seriousness, revel in the the saying that:
“na anyhow dem just dey give bad grades, no b wetn person write joor”
afterall most successful rich men in the world today are school dropouts or weren’t the really brilliant ones… Sure the system is not really good most times it’s bad, and most don’t really deserve the bad grade they get, but having the above kind of mentality is a sure way to fail in life. But guess what?

“I failed most of the engineering exams we once wrote, a guy in my class ace them all. Now he’s working at Microsoft and I own Microsoft.” – Bill Gates.

I just quoted Bill Gates roughly, according to “smart” accessment by the institute, he was a not-so bright student, but apparently his future was a contrast.

Now it seems I just contradicted the “sure way to fail” analysis with the Bill Gates example. Well now let’s re-analyze.

If you ask me Bill Gates wasn’t a dullard, his grades might have said so, in fact in reality he might have not really been brilliant with the books but guess what?
I still insist he wasn’t a dullard, a dullard in my own perspective is someone who’s not sound enough to get him or herself educated enough to succeed in life. Bill gates did beyond not putting in too much in respect to his school grades, he put in all his concern, and all of him in his future!, mapped out a plan to achieve his dreams and plunged it into action with focus. I could go on , but I believe I’ve made my point, education within the school setting ain’t better than that outside it, neither is it he other way round. Don’t study just to acquire good grades in school, don’t just study books only, study more, study your life, study life as a whole, to get yourself a better life, get educated not to impress but to live your dreams.

Why do we indulge in education? To acquire understanding.

What need do we have for understanding? To get a good life.

How do you get a good life with the understanding? You put it into pratice, action with utmost focus.

To make it in life, you’ve got to do something you weren’t taught in school, if not everyone that graduated would be rich.

Don’t just think with your understanding, do, and don’t just do, do something different, even if you were to do what has been done before by another, do it in a different manner, make yours an improvement, maximize the usage of ideas from your big dreams in life, it’s not time to relent, don’t give up, keep getting yourself educated, back it up with hope in God, for you, a good life is sure. I rest my pen. -Cirphrank

Wordy, Le Pheno Vinci.

Article’ humour; as I finished writing this, my pen’ case broke by the tip. The pipe made a break through I suppose.

Thank you.


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