He sits at home dictating what you should do.
His children abroad, away from the fire.
Yet you pick up your gun and fight one another.
In the end, you face the consequences
And he’s safe at home, fulfilled in his desire.

His children do not steal or fight on the street.
The corrupt acts he wants you to clean.
You have been blinded and deceived for long.
It’s time to wake up from the slumber you’ve been all along.

Think of your future.
Think of the person you plan to harm.
Think of your children.
Think of the consequences of your actions.

Why continue to live in deception?
Why continue to be the pawn?
Why disrupt the peace of the nation?
Why allow yourself to be used for selfish interest?

They rejoice over your ignorance.
They laugh at your short sightedness.
They fill their stomach with our resources
And you lose your life without resources.

Just like fallen soldiers,
We allow them prey on our weakness. Controlling our emotions like we gat no owners.
We forget the National Anthem and the Pledge we made to this country
Now ignorance has become our God,
For he sits on the throne.

Remember, if you die today,
It’s Game Over.
No second chance,

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