You tried to break me down
But I will never tumble
All my plans you want to rumble
What you really bring is trouble
You tried to make me drown
But I am still stable

You tried to raze me down
With flames of anger
Good news, am still waxing stronger
You thought you could make me weak
A day,  no all week
You said you saw me smaller
But I am still growing taller

You tried to break my stay
My strength gives no way
You want my knees on the ground
But my glory knows no bound
You want to break my bones
You even throw stones
But I”ll keep on standing high
To your deeds, I’ll never say aye

I’ll always get all the chance
To give my best dance
You thought you won
From you, victory is gone
But you’ll hear of my victories
 and all my good stories
From me, you will hear not, tears of sadness
I am the strongest of all lioness.


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