This is a true story, and it all began when the man fell. I was to blame for this, cos it was my deeds. My mistake brought sin, I was to be judged guilty. Death stood smiling, holding the keys. I lost the life in me, But then there was a switch…

The son of man took my place. It was my mistake but his to take. My shame but him to blame…

The innocent stood guilty, why the guilty one was saved, I mean this man took my shame away. Judgment took place that day for my sake. But on that day, the Judge said: “YOU’VE BEEN FORGIVEN IN JESUS NAME”.

Tears rolled down my eyes… He took my whips… This love was so strange. This man died for meHis blood set me free…The veil was ripped, and Christ stepped forth with me by his side…..

On that day, God’s wrath was satisfied. Don’t know why but it pleased God to judge me worthy of love…And when he screamed IT IS FINISHED.

It was for us, He loved us with an everlasting love, now he calls us his sons.

Look, see, Heaven threw a party for my sake, the lost son was back home and on his right hand I sat beside his throne and he called me his own. The devil stood in shock of his loss Christ on the cross was my bride price Paid in full.

I was made righteous for freeMy righteousness was sealed by his blood on my skin are the writings of his words. My mouth can’t stop saying this, CHRIST DIED FOR ME!!!!

So quit asking and start believing, this man took your life and gave you his…

It is a finished work. He rose from the grave and gave you the keys and by his blood, we’ve been judged not guilty!

This was no mistake, He was bruised for our sake, no wonder the devil never stops the hate, I guess even him wishes he was saved… But for me alone, Christ came.

The king of kings dressed in the crown of thorns.

On his skins were signatures of my wrongs. The only begotten was forsaken on the cross. All for my righteousness, He said not a word

Now I’m justified by his blood. On my lips are His words. What a privilege to be called a son of God, ‘cos Christ on the cross was my Bride price paid in full!

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