This is for you girl. The boy is allowed to resent this at his own selfish will, but you are not permitted to hurt yourself.

The truth is coming your way, what’s it ‘gon be? an accident or you’d agree a get together will be proper.

What I’ll say will make a couple of heads knock, few will hate, not to my dismay, this is no new thing to me, like I always say, even if it’s ‘gon affect me, truth just got to be told.

This is for you girl, he’s not what you want.


He’s not what you want, no he’s not, life’s more than an awesome performance on the stage, a lifetime is more than a few minutes of artistry and that amazing skill/talent of his is not his life’s blueprint, what you see that tickles your fancy is just but a sneak peak of a whole big picture. So slow down a bit girl. He’s not him, no, he’s not your knight in shining armor.

He’s not what you want , don’t be a gullible little girl, he’s got more stuffs going on in his head that what you hear and no, he’s not a pastor because he quotes the bible like the papers does the statements of politicians, no baby, that’s not it, you are wrong, he doesn’t preach all that he practices, maybe even non, he speaks only what you want to hear by default, blame him not. No, he’s not rich, baby not, all you see him flaunting is just showbiz, that height you seek in a man that draws you to him, no girl, ‘e never reach’ he’s just faking it and if you keep throwing yourself at what you really know not, when it comes to being stupid, you are just acing it.

So listen, baby girl, I know you are 18 already and maybe more, but seriously you could use opinions still in making decisions, so before you started boycotting vigils for night clubs with him, just be sure, don’t let the sugar rush determine your speed, know before you set into motion with him that he’s not what you want, yes he could be, but just not yet, he isn’t yet, it doesn’t happen at that moment you set eyes on him on stage, life’s a much more a bigger platform and sometimes no lights, so you got to thread with more care, so before you throw yourself at his feet be sure from the way you throw yourself at him if you can’t help it that he won’t be trampling.

There’s so much difference you should sort out first before reaching an inference borne of fantasies. Young lady please, grab a seat and think.

Lest you even give him “reasons” to use you.

Now before you started feeling I’m righteous of all of these, I exempt not myself.

Know this, we’ll have goods and bads lurking on the inside, don’t let all the budding celeb attitude fool you, I AM JUST BUT A HUMAN TOO.

How about that? I said I.

What if I have a issue you can’t cope with? going through problems you can’t walk through with me on? Think it’s ‘gon be be cool to come forming I want you and go leaving when you get to know what got me broken?, like it’s cool you raise my hopes and just blow them out just as they begin to glow.

What if I have relationship goals you can’t condone? Like kisses in the cinemas backseat, business voyages and sex like your religion won’t be supporting?

And what if I’m a player and I play for nightclubs.

Bottomline is, what if I’m what you saw me not to be and I end up stinging like a bee?

What if I’m not your knight in shining armor but a guy in the corner on the highway with his hood on, and all you receive is attacks and no reciprocation?


Well, my plea is simple, I might just be the man of your dreams, simple and sweet yet masculine in every bit, doing things that would only bring rhythm to your heartbeat and make melodies out of it, but first try to get to know me for I’m just a man still.

The talent is of the man, but not the man.

He’s not what you want, not just yet…

For I might be good with the saxophone but would end up making you cry for help, I might be good with the guitar, but would just be in for the sex with no strings attached, I might be good with the piano but may just play your heart away to sorrows.

I might be good with the voice, and just end up the one who muffled the voice of your dreams, I may be good with words and just be the worse.

So baby girl, I’m not what you want, not yet, maybe not at all.

(c)Cirphrank IWrite PoeticAli

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