I smiled in sweet pains
Dining with a man called sin,
He glued my heart yet he had no glue
I need a clue.

His mind is disastrous
He was never righteous,
Yet my belly was filled in darkness
And lust became my happiness.

I choked everyday in hatred
Evil became my forstress,
I’m a beautiful ugly sinner
Who dine with Lucifer.

Weaken vessel without thy creator
I’m a neglector in the sight of my protector,
Reality came into the picture
Then I thought of the future.

Only then!
I realized sin gave me glory
And i had no story,
I was brain washed without my master touch
I’m nothing
Formerly I thought I had something.

He gave me white stained in fornication
I’m indebted into his conversation,
I became wayward
Without his words,
There is glory in Christ not sin.


Written by
Esther Emmanuel


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