Many misinterprete what Grace stands for and even many more abuse it. But Grace was never, is never, and will never be a license to sin. –Cirphrank

Grace is man Gaining Righteousness At Christ Expense, never forget: you don’t earn it!

You a Christian? Well it came with the package, yes, becoming a believer comes with a manual and the name is Grace.

Grace is not something Great but SOMEONE GREAT!

A sweet repercussion, aftermath effect of Christ on the cross. Call it the CHOCOLATE behind the CITY of Christ that makes GOOD MUSIC to the soul that RAPS it up in bliss.

Don’t get upset when someone doesn’t understand the concept yet, simply tell them: Grace wasn’t meant for human understanding but consumption! Yes I said it, guess that’s why he was called the LAMB of God.

Consume, get a true knowledge of Him first, thereafter let’s see if you won’t understand what hit you.
Grace is a mechanics that dumbfound the devil, edify the soul and bridge the gap between humanity and divinity.

Grace in not a paradox but a one way thing, from the cross to the father, i.e from Christ a pathway to living like the Son Of God You Are!
Grace is arsenal that never runs out, always have your back to take you back when you run out of God’s way, Grace is the contingency plan, the redemption protocol that can never be broken as it breaks all protocols.

Grace is blood shed for your blood not to be shed, grace is drug for all. Grace is so much more…

Grace should not be misconstrued for a licence to sin. See, have you not heard that life is fair but mankind is the one that isn’t? Just like drug abuse, taking it is as a licence to sin is not of His will, that’s Grace abuse, hence shall we continue in iniquity and expect that it abounds, no God forbid.

Let me put it to you this way, when true understanding of Grace hits you, it doesn’t tickle you to fancy sin, but offers you true freedom from sin.
Grace is more than ink can speak of, and the only thing it speak of is: Have your life back.

©Cirphrank. The Grace narration.(01)

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