Happy New Month good friends,I bring you good tidings, May the all good ever gracious God grant you great success this month.

Below are the tidbits for the month’s begin.

-In the course of this month www.betayarn.com will become unavailable, but calm down, doesn’t mean we’re shutting the site down, just that we’ll be transiting fully to using www.beteyarn.com.ng which is a decision we’ve come to for the site’s good. So if you try accessing the website via www.betayarn.com and it doesn’t go through, fret not. Just add .ng

-More is up for less, Jumia is at it again, and this time yes it’s techy. Ladies and gents, make welcome the well ongoing COMPUTING BLAST. There are amazing offers on the the row on products such as Laptops, printers, and peripherals…
Scourge the link above for your interest…
Contact a Jumia sales consultant : 08068098467 for more.

I foresee great pieces coming your way this week and month as a whole, literary and physically, I say get more for less. Good morning.

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