Speak the truth at all time.
We will decide who holds the mantle.
Leading us to the promised Land,
With love and never with HATE.

They tell you what they want you to hear.
You spread the news without verifying.
Breeding hate inside of you,
Seeing the other as a virus without giving a listening ear.

Man against Man.
Children against Children.
Party against a party.
The youth moving without vision.
We remain in insecurity,
And they promised you utmost security.

They tell you what the other person did wrong.
Hiding behind a fake smile which is also wrong.
They paint the other bad to you,
Yet you forget the corrupt act he did to you.

If you don’t like me, I apologize.
But that doesn’t mean I’m unwise.
I don’t have grey hair,
But I speak with wisdom.
I will not stop to reveal the truth,
Hate Speeches just isn’t right.

Why tarnish the image of another?
I thought we were trying to build a better nation together.
Hating one another will not solve the problem.
Until we fight for a common goal,
We will remain in this problem.

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