Dear love, my heart bleeds, and to bleed out is a painful way to die… But I’ll just write my pains as I lay on this floor quivering in pains.

He’s my bestie, that’s what you said when you introduced him.

I told you that’s something that gave me premonition

But you shrugged it off saying I was being insecure.

He’s just my bestie, that’s what you said when I flinched at excess of his pictures on your device as you claimed you running out of phone memory, take a chill pill he’s just my bestie was your reply when I told you I felt how he hugs you is odd.
My birthday you missed, waved off with a hiss of “baby I’m sorry, nawa for me, I was carried away gist with my bestie, oh forgive me” I kinda flared up yelling: really? Bestie? Again? You placed a kiss on my cheek grazing my lips, pacified me with a handkerchief as birthday gift, man that made my eyebrows flinch but then you promised saying: I promise not to let that big head ruin we, trust me.
Well, yes, blinded by love I did and now I’m regretting or better still I’m dying for it a wrist slit out of self beat up for being stupid, didn’t mean to kill myself, was a mistake like me falling in love with you in the first place , a grave one ‘cos seeing you both in bed this noon made me wonder what you’d have said if I’d waited to listen… Let me guess, “He’s just my beddie” and we were just having friendly sex.
See you in hell, come home early.

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