Hip Hop and Drugs

Let me introduce myself, I’m hip-hop and I have a partner. She has been there from the very first lines of rap to the last stanza by heart. We are inseparable through time ,from grandmaster melle mel to future we have maintained our love, through this white lines that preached don’t do it to crack monster, that iterated we all do it ,weakening hearts, corrupting minds, a stone cold killer very easy to find. Our love yet still survived. It came to the point that even doctors prescribed us to the world, Dr.Dre mentioned us as the chronic treatment of his days notoriously he was followed by the B.I.G’s who knew how it feels to wake up, pocket dry as face make up and they need to sell some crack to break up, even when the streets were warned in abstinence, they never listened. The fans still went ahead to marry-juana laying waste to the good message in the corner they chanted 2-Pacs line that they did it for love.

We thought our popularity was going down until little Wayne jumped off a mountain cliff into a sea of codeine. How mean of him. And it never ended because Justin heard of Wayne’s fame and decided to pop some xanax looking truth in the face he called them haters. I and my partner have always been weed to the good crops, we smell so nice. No wonder Travis decided not to open the window because he saw us as an antidote. The relationship between myself hip-hop and my beautiful girlfriend drugs is one of the greatest hits that even the king of pop could not resist, we may come on a pink friday as pills and potions but our popularity still breeds evil notions.

Our Ambassador “Chris” and our future is not dented because we rock and don’t give a crack about nobody. So remember that this relationship was not born out of lust but out of hope, for happiness. So they can float in the clouds and never have the thought that we don’t know. Even the young wiz still rolls up and no matter how you Snoop your Dogg around, we are still very much alert. I won’t say we are the best of friends because we have also led some people to syrups that cost them their lives, so learn the truth that even with the chance a rapper got, he still loved cocoa butter and kisses, all an imaginative thought of cookies……

We can be pain-killers but death bringers. Let the fans know we can be tramadol or rohypnol or any drug that blues the tongue. When you listen to link up or voice of the street, always remember our voice of reason. We have preached peace and we have preached love. So choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my partner we will serve you panadol as the drug to your headache, and maybe the truth should remain in your next say about us. Remember my partner does not only like hip-hop, she likes to cheat on me with rock too, but even the country-songs also give her joy.



hip-hop and drugs


Books: BSc
Author: Mr. Eazykiel
Editor: Livingstone Imonitie

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