I’m sipping on thoughts, and now I remember my young days in church…

See when I was a young one, pastor’s catch phrase wasn’t a wordplay but more like drums of war played, and it goes thus: “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand” and the tagline? The soul that sinneth shall die.

In a bid to be holy, hence some men did nothing but “serve God” no job, they ain’t working no more, see this was and is still reality, for the kingdom of God is at hand, they did nothing to have  money in hand and let me tell you something, I’m not God, can’t say:

 “the soul…”

But the man that acts ignorantly shall die! anyway like every other man does, but in Penury! Meanwhile, yea, I have seen it, to misinterpret the scripture is sinning and it’s deadly.

Pastor said the Kingdom of God is at hand, I was just a baby, momma whispered it in my ears… so there I was a boy of just 7years and a little more, soprano scratching in the adult choir, I heard the line again me self, momma winked from the congregation but I know if I sinned, she’d grimace.

It’s okay, but I heard the tale you know. Mr. Theophilus so much believed the prophecy, Christ was to come in May ’98, so he sold all he had, gave 90% out, live life right, acquired nothing more and by March2000, he couldn’t bear it anymore, so he marched to his death hanged by the rope he bought on credit and to whom shall we give credit for that?

So a couple of years past 20, I’m more like a stranger to the choir stand now, yeah, the soul that sinneth shall die, and I’m not really standing firm by world standards, but I’ve so repent from the ignorance of many lover of God that preceded me, running by Grace and not abusing it. I’ve so repent, nulling all ignorance to the best of me, my pen be my farm, have you found yours or or still roaming dry lands? Tilling no soil waiting for manner. That’s bad manners. A bad way to approach God.

Happy Sunday y’all. I hope I drove the point straight. Amen

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