I don’t trust humans.

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  1. Yeah, I do. Sometimes. As much as humans are humans, seeing the best in us can’t be so much of a far cry. However, when we see a spade, we’d call it what it is- a spade. ‘Noah let mosquito into the ark cracked me up’😂 there’s always the good, the bad and the bad.

    1. Even Noah and I could have had issue with each other. That’s to tell you how imperfect man is. Trust me, trust no man

  2. Lol.

    I wanted to air my opinion on the post but then again I realised, you’re really human, then I rested.

    I love this.

    Beautiful piece.

  3. Trust is like a ladder, it’s got stages…couldn’t fault Noah though cos to me the grace the guy found, he also extended: Moreover, mosquitoes weren’t the issue, man’s wickedness was.

  4. “Same folks that make the peace sign with the index and middle finger
    Use the same fingers to imitate a gun.”

    A shift in perspective, ay.

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