People say Love’s but a fallacy,
I never took them seriously though
Cos I could hear Love’s call
But whenever I called back, it was placed on hold.

And for so long it was,
Until I met this lady.
At first, I wasn’t sure,
But then “Trust me”, my heart said with ease.

Her eyes were charming and gazing at them became my hubby.
But sadly I couldn’t express myself to her,
My feelings became my secret
Cos I wasn’t sure if I was worth her worth.

Her presence brought me great delight,
My heart couldn’t resist this.
So I went by to say hi,
And in doubt able rhymes I expressed my feelings.

I wasn’t worthy,
Yet she picked me up from the few.
I was unsure of her feelings,
Then she said: “I love you”.

And for so long I’ve been an island,
No one has ever reached this shore.
But here you are standing on my island
I must say you’ve beaten the clock.

And these moments will I cherish
I met a lady who brought me, love,
For her alone, my love shall I preach,
Till death give me a call.

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