1. I’ll cry, not because it’s fun
    But because they need to confirm that I’m alive.
  2. I’ll walk, not because I feel crawling sucks
    But void of growth, who am I?
  3. I’ll be off to school
    Long before I understand what it is.
  4. I’ll fall in love against my preferences
    Just because Cupid is a bully.
  5. I’ll get heartbroken
    Not because my love is plastic.
  6. I’ll hit an all-time low
    And the only explanation I’d get: life’s not fair.
  7. I’ll have less when I work more
    I’ll be told to trust the process.
  8. I’ll get all I craved for, and then
    A whole new set of cravings surface.
  9. I’ll love God, but would waiver
    For the devil’s just a hater.
  10. I’ll have only 24hours a day
    When we all know I could use more.
  11. I’ll do this and more,
    not because I want.
  12. Like, I don’t mind being immortal,
    But a hundred years and more, old age scams me.
  13. And I die against my will.
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