I know you’ve heard of from dusk to dawn,
no, this ain’t that song.
Strange things are happening,
I even heard a “pastor” swear walahi!

You’ll know it’s bad news
When it’s the chief priest hitting the gong
The town cry ah! you say???
Yes, people of Panshekesheke, you heard me right,
The prince tethered a mosquito.

I wish it ended at that but no,
He saw the air and grabbed a bite
Made his way to thunder’s home, they had a fight
He drank the rivers all in one night.

We all know his dad died yesterday.
He said all it took was one swipe,
Of the machete
And alas, behold your new king!

wait wait wait, hold it there!

Say no more,
I’m leaving this town for whatever!
Even if not for good,
Whatever is better.

Image by Lord_Kpuri
Panshekesheke: A fictional place forked off a portmanteau made of Pansheke + Shekesheke (Pansheke is a place in the Western part of Nigeria, shekesheke is chains in Yoruba)

What poem is about? A land wherein violent madcaps are made leader or allowed to rule on, whilst the best the citizens do is run from their own land.

From dusk to dawn, strange things are happening, and no, the resistance doesn’t really do dusk to dawn, maybe dusk to run.

P.S.: The second stanza having 5 lines and breaking the quatrain flow further emphasizes the aberration occurring.

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